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Every purchase and donation directly helps survivors with employment, counseling, and career development. 


Every gift empowers survivors of human trafficking to reclaim their lives.

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Our mission is to harness the power of business, time, and community to create choice for 500 survivors of human trafficking by 2033.


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Over 120,000 Hours of Work Provided for Survivors


Of Survivors Who Come to Rethreaded Never Return to Trafficking

Recent News from Rethreaded

May 10 2023

Why Rethreaded Exists

Rethreaded is part of the opposing strategy against human trafficking, providing education and a healthy work environment for survivors to make choices and rebuild their lives. Discover how...
May 03 2023

How Helping Survivors of Human Trafficking Helps You

Florida may be known for its sunshine and lack of income taxes, but it’s also ranked third in the nation for human trafficking cases. In this blog, we explore how helping survivors of human...
Apr 06 2023

What Is Sex Trafficking

Human trafficking, especially sex trafficking, thrives in secrecy, making it difficult to combat. Many people unknowingly perpetuate this system by turning a blind eye, from hotel employees to...
Rethreaded Blog
Mar 28 2023

Ending Human Trafficking

The reality of ‘choice’ is more complicated than you think. What may seem like a bad choice may, instead, be a decision made with few (if any) alternatives…