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3 Ways To Be An Empowered Woman

by | May 10, 2017

From the Founder and President, Kristin Keen:

Let’s build a company using donated T-shirts. Maybe, we can employ survivors of the sex trade right here in the U.S.? Let’s have women running the company and let’s start a corporate gift line. Why not?

Through this journey, I’ve had many people come alongside my craziest dreams and say,

“Yes, we believe in this idea!”

“Yes, we believe that the impossible can happen!”

“We believe that you, Kristin, have the capacity to take this on!”

That encouragement reinforced my belief in the possibility of those dreams becoming a reality. One of the most empowering times in my life has been watching Rethreaded grow. To see an idea that was in my head come to life and to be an integral part of changing lives.

One of the most empowering times in my life has been watching Rethreaded grow — to see an idea that was in my head come to life and to be an integral part of changing lives.

And that is what I want to create for other women, the opportunity to have an idea and a vision for their lives and be empowered to go after it. I want this not just for survivors, but for all women!

Here are three things I know to be true to become an empowered woman: 

1. Women need to know who they are.

As a woman, you are inspiring! You have so many amazing qualities! You are capable, captivating, intellectual, empathetic, gifted (to name a few). You are empowered to change the world in whatever role you play! Whether at home or in the business world, you have value that surpasses understanding.

2. You have to know what you are passionate about.

Your skills, dreams, abilities and gifts make you unique! Whether you have a love for organizing, editing or leading, your voice, presence, encouragement and passion make you needed! Find out what those things are. How can you combine who you are with what you are passionate about? How can you use that? Go after it!

3. You need a plan — how can you take your passion and turn it into your plan?

Once you know these things start writing, start brainstorming. There is something magical that happens when you put pen to paper- the idea for Rethreaded was written on a napkin! Talk with people who have passion that aligns with yours. Just start and you could be surprised by what comes after!

Learning to use your gifts with confidence can be challenging but what we thought was impossible is being done every day! I want women to have freedom in what they choose and to be confident in their decisions. I want women to know their identity. So when a woman comes to me with an idea with passion, confidence and a plan I will be that person that says, “I believe in you, I believe that YOU have the capacity to take this on”. I believe that the impossible can happen. When these things come together, that is empowerment.

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