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5 Ways to Hang Your New Flag and Tassel Buntings!

by | Mar 24, 2016

Marketing Intern, MaryBeth who is a student at Flagler College is just obsessed with our new Flag and Tassel Buntings! So, she took them home to look for the best, most creative ways to use them. Here is what she came up with!

  1. Brighten up your window.

Let the Florida sun in with buntings over your windows instead of curtains! For extra long windows, you can even hang your bunting along the window for the perfect frame.

  1. Create a frame for your bed.

Add  a splash of color over your bed with tassels or flags. This unique touch will fill your wall with color while providing a beautiful frame for your bed.

  1. Intertwine with string lights for a colorful glow.

This touch of sparkle is great for any rooms that needs an extra dose of color. Whether it’s in a dorm, a kid’s room or in a bedroom, this soft light will create the perfect fairytale retreat after a long day.

  1. Use your bunting as a table skirt.

Add some flare to your dining room table by hanging your bunting along the sides. Bunting is the perfect party decoration, and can even be left on the table for unique decoration in your home.


  1. Create the perfect photo booth backdrop

Use flag or tassel bunting to create a fun backdrop of color that takes minutes instead of hours to create! This unique scenery will create the perfect look for your photos throughout the day, and can hang vertically or horizontally for the easiest backdrop you will ever make.

Thank you MaryBeth for coming up with these 5 creative ways to display bunting in your home! Not only does  a Rethreaded Bunting brighten up any room, but it also shines light on survivors of the sex trade who make each tassel and flag by hand. Become an advocate today and share the ways you are getting creative with you buntings!

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