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5 Ways to Make Your Last-Minute Gift Meaningful

by | Dec 5, 2022

The holidays are quickly approaching, and you may be in a slight panic. You’ve been thinking all holiday season about how to show someone who matters to you just how much you love them.

Despite your best intentions, it’s hard to find the perfect “something” that conveys how much someone means to you. And, let’s face it, the calendar isn’t exactly on your side.

Thankfully, you don’t have to settle for a gift card. 

Instead, choose from one or two of these simple criteria and create a gifting experience your loved one will not only remember but also assume took some serious planning for you to pull off. 

Don’t worry, we’ll give you all the credit.

How to Find the Perfect Gift. (Yes, even now)

Shop local – Shopping locally is one way to get a thoughtful gift that supports your community and shows intentionality. A local gift isn’t the same thing tens of thousands of people have also ordered online; it’s something you’ve chosen.

We encourage you to find a local business or nonprofit whose mission and purpose speak to you and your values. Gifts are so much more meaningful – to both the giver and the receiver – when they have purpose behind them.

Shop handmade – Knowing that a gift was specially crafted by hand with thought and care is a game changer. It makes you appreciate each detail, knowing someone carefully created it.

Every item at Rethreaded was handmade by survivors of human trafficking from around the world. As they transform common items into uncommon gifts, they transform themselves, too.We have gifts for everyone, from the men and women you care about to your pup or cat.

Why do we think employment is key in the fight against human trafficking?

Shop sustainable – Many items our survivors create are “upcycled.” For instance, our leather goods line is made from retired airline seats, and our signature product, our Grace Scarf, is made from donated t-shirts.

This is a matter of principle for us; we’re here to “rethread”  lives and bring out the beauty both in our people and in our items. 

It’s also good stewardship, reducing waste and making a positive impact on our planet and our local community.

Volunteer together – Giving memorable experiences has become a trend, and we can see why. You won’t soon forget sharing time with someone you love, while doing something worthwhile.

Planning to volunteer together captures the spirit of the season and gives the gift of your most precious resource: time.

Rethreaded’s Volunteer Thursdays are a great way to set aside an afternoon to show love not only to a friend or family member but also to our survivors who are recreating a safe community through our volunteers and staff.

Make a donation in their name – The gift of donation is becoming more and more popular – and it’s easier than ever now with social media channels supporting giving campaigns.

Sometimes the most meaningful gift you can give someone is to show them that you understand the things they care about, and you care about them too.

Give a gift that demonstrates love to that special someone and to someone else in their honor.

Prime might not be able to get that item to you tomorrow, but we can.

Our brick-and-mortar store is open from 9:00 to 5:00 Monday-Saturday, except public holidays. That means we’ll be here tomorrow and then next week and the one after. You get the picture.

Come choose something yourself, or bring that special someone to our store to choose the right gift together. Brownie points if you plan a day next week to go out to lunch and then stop by and see us.

It’s never too late to consider transforming the way you gift. If you’ve already found everything on your list this year, then start planning for that next anniversary, birthday, or another occasion.

We’ll be here, rethreading stories one gift at a time.

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