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by | Sep 6, 2016

How much team pride do you really have?  Rethreaded is here to help you answer that question without having to use any words. Here are the 5 best ways to rock #TEAMRETHREADED.

1. Team Key Fobs

Rethreaded just made your new lucky charm! Our tassel key fobs are handcrafted by survivors and made with cotton t-shirts that give 100%, just like their composition. There’s an actual charm there too, for that extra fortune. Clip these fobs on your bags, keyrings, even that lucky rabbit’s foot you’ve been carrying around! You wouldn’t want to risk not clutching one of these in your hands during the big game.These are the key to showing your support.

2. Team Harmony Bracelet

Sometimes when the game gets tenacious, you need a little helpful harmony. Wear our Harmony Bracelet to channel that inner calm and concentration before your team’s big win. The 22 inch bracelet unites three strands into one strong braid, each made by a survivor here in Jacksonville. Let your breath flow and your team, GO GO GO!

3. Team Dog Toys

Do you think you’re the only one that gets frustrated with those ref’s calls? Your four-legged best friend needs to chew through that anguish too! Rethreaded’s got your back…and your canine’s. Our Dog Chew Toys are made with upcycled t-shirt fabric in your team’s colors. We’ve also got 3 sizes ranging from small to large so your pup can grow with your fandom. It’s not fair that you’re the only that can adorn those cherished colors- share the love!

4.Team Grace Scarves

The truest fans wear their team’s colors close to their heart. Grace Scarves are the first products that survivors learn how to make, so needless to say we sweep the field. In case you’re cheering gets a little crazy, these scarves are also machine washable! May your Grace Scarf send your team “grace” for the big win.


5. All Together Now!

The fifth and final way to rock #TEAMRETHREADED is to do it, well, as a team. Although these awesome accessories look like the best fan gear out there, they actually serve a dual purpose. With a purchase of any of these products your are directly making the world a better place. Really, a direct path to the finish line, endzone and goal. These survivor-made goods don’t just provide training for women affected by the sex trade but also provides safe work environment for them to thrive in. You, yes you, are making that difference and we can’t thank you enough. Now go out there and give it your all. We love having you on Team Rethreaded!


Huge thanks to our photographer, Jesseour stylist, Mandy Kelloway and Momni Boutique for the beautiful clothes!


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