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90 Day Training: A Look Inside

by | Aug 25, 2022

It’s been an intense yet hopeful time at Rethreaded in the past 6-8 weeks. The hiring process is now complete, and our new cohort of ladies have stepped into the building as employees. 

Now is the moment for us to engage as a team in a phrase we often say here, ‘it’s time to do the next right thing.’ What does that look like? Thanks for asking, cause I’d love to tell you. 

Once onboarding is completed and our new hires are learning their specific role in the organization, 90-Day training begins. Rethreaded program staff are all in the building on Tuesdays, which we call ‘Program Day’. The afternoon is used for group therapy sessions, dividing program staff into smaller, often mixed cohorts to give voice to various aspects of recovery. We reserve one hour each Tuesday morning for training in multiple learning modules. 

Our 90-Day training program has run for 4 iterations over the past 2 years. Each time we go through the training we edit, amend, and seek to discover deeper, better ways to train. 

Currently, we offer the following:

  1. HR timekeeping system – Learning how to clock in/out, request time off, and approve their time card on both the computer and a phone app.
  2. Gmail – How to send, file, and manage the inbox. Understanding digital communication etiquette and expectations.
  3. Calendar – How to stay organized and up to date on the team’s workflow, speed of play, and events. How to request the time of a co-worker or supervisor through the scheduling function of google calendar.
  4. Drive – The creation and organization of documents. How to share files and navigate the various team drives.
  5. The monthly touch-base – All staff meets with their supervisor on a monthly basis. For most new hires this is a first and can produce anxiety. To avoid extra stress we talk through the rubric ahead of time, answer questions, and help staff frame the opportunity to meet with their supervisor. 
  6. EQ basics – Rethreaded is embracing the power of Emotional Intelligence. We begin with a conversation on the awareness of self. We dive into the quadrants in all team training sessions throughout the year.
  7. Time Management – Staff is exposed to the Eisenhower Quadrant and work through basic exercises and group discussions to help start down the path of planning and organizing for the future. 
  8. Boundaries/Behaviors in Customer Service and Public Interactions – Rethreaded can be a busy place. The public is with us often. How we navigate that when coming out of trauma is a discussion worth having. 
  9. Handbook Review – Onboarding is a super busy time. This is a second pass at the handbook so we can pick up any missed information. 
  10. Basic Work Habits/Self Care – Setting ourselves up for success is a combination of many small daily decisions. This module encourages each staff member to make the choices that will support their day-to-day and future. 
  11. Critical Thinking – It’s not about what we think, it’s about how we think. We offer the opportunity for staff to work through a set matrix for decision-making. The desire here is to minimize the stress that every big decision can cause, by methodically planning the path through the decision.
  12. Care Management & Community Connections – This addresses the care management process that Rethreaded staff use to work on their goals, address their current barriers, and take steps to reclaim their lives. We seek to cultivate a partnership with each staff member to safely work through their short and long-term goals to bring them into the future they desire.
  13. Review/Discuss/Give Feedback – If any of the above modules needs further discussion, we are here to re-process and re-teach any information. This is a great time to check in with staff, see how they are doing and get their feedback on what they are experiencing.

Staff may arrive with some or all of this content well in hand and in practice in their day-to-day lives. We do teach all of the above to each cohort in order to confirm a baseline of information and access for everyone. If the opportunity has not been given to learn these concepts it is imperative that we start breaking the cycle of educational barriers. Most of the content is facilitated through the Survivor Development Program team leadership. We use videos where applicable, conversational discussion, reflection, and interactive assignments to provide the space to process various aspects of this curriculum. Entering into a low-barrier, the group learning environment can help provide a woman with a moment to discover what is possible. Through support, encouragement, and access to the experience, we are able to move ahead paving the way for great opportunities in the future. The skills taught in the 90-Day training are designed to assist with the job expectations here at Rethreaded and the springboard for whatever is next for the individual. 

It is our intention to bring back the joy and the desire to become lifelong learners who will stay curious and open to what is possible for the rest of their days. 

Ways You Can Support Rethreaded

If you’d like to make an immediate impact within our organization, here’s six things you can do today to renew hope, reignite dreams, and release potential for survivors of human trafficking.

1. Make A Purchase Through Rethreaded: Each purchase from Rethreaded directly affects the lives of survivors and helps them gain skills, get job training, get access to counseling, and put the pieces of their lives back together.

2. Corporate Gifting: Gifts of Hope are perfect gift boxes for clients, customers, employees, speakers, conference gifts, etc. Shop some classic box combinations or create your own! 

3. Donate: Every single dollar goes to providing employment, job training, access to counseling, and a community of support for survivors of human trafficking. No matter what your donation amount, know that you are leveraging your resources to make our community and the world a better and more healing place for survivors. 

4. Become an Event Sponsor or Host:  Many of our connections are made and much of our sales are created through the events we have, externally and internally. Sponsor a Rethreaded event and get marketing recognition and the social ROI for using your business for good; Or, host an event in our warehouse! We also bring pop-up shops and speak live with certain criteria. If you would like to become an event sponsor or host an event, email info@kairosdevt9.sg-host.com.

5. Join A Giving Circle: Our giving circles are volunteer-led groups founded by Rethreaded donors and supporters. We have two volunteer led group, Circle of Sister and Band of Brothers

6. Volunteer: You can join the mission to help survivors of human trafficking by joining us during one of our work days. While we operate a little differently than most other nonprofits, we do welcome volunteers to join us on our mission. 

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