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A Moment With a Few of Our Moms

by | May 12, 2017

Happy Mother’s Day to all you hard working moms! Thank you for everything you do and everything you mean to us. You are our superheroes, best friends, and a whole lot more. Enjoy this day of celebration, and remember, Rethreaded would not be the same without YOU! We want to share with you on this day some cherished moments and great victories of just a few of our Rethreaded moms!


(Haley Wright Photography)

If you know Rethreaded, you know that Grace is a constant notion in our office. Not only does it circulate through our staff, but it circulates into our families as well. Just ask our Operations Associate, Kansas: “Rethreaded has taught me to show grace, and show grace to my children”.

Kansas is a proud mother of a son and two daughters, who are a constant light in her life. Being a mom, she feels it is important for her to pass on the grace and knowledge Rethreaded has given her, in hopes that they may have a bright future too. That’s why she shared her children’s favorite Disney princess video with the Rethreaded staff at our morning meeting this previous week. Kansas shared with us how this video inspires both her and her daughters to dream big, and hope for a brighter future, just as she has learned to do since being at Rethreaded. “Rethreaded makes me want to be a better mother, and to show my kids that anything is possible”.


Being familiar with Rethreaded, you also know how important collaborative teamwork is in our office environment. Production Associate Carrie holds this mentality dear in her life with her son as well. To describe her relationship with her son, Carrie says “We’re just a cool little team”. No matter what the duo may be doing, they do it as an ensemble: “We do everything together-meetings, parks, shopping”. She cherishes her time with her son, who loves to support his mom with hand-drawn photos and tickles before bed. What is important in her relationship with her son transcends the borders of home and work with the community environment found at Rethreaded.


At Rethreaded, we always hold a family mentality, as together is always better. This Mother’s Day is especially memorable for Operations Associate Ossie in this respect. When talking with Ossie, she told us that, “because of Rethreaded, I gained custody of my son, which will make this my first Mother’s Day with my son in my home in over four years.” Nothing can be said to make that statement any more perfect, and we are merely happy to share this Motherly moment with our readers.

And just remember dear friends, that every day when you support Rethreaded or wear your Grace Scarf, you are continuously celebrating these Moms, and everything that comes with her freedom story. So thank YOU for helping Rethreaded grow in grace.

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