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A Rethreaded Makeover

by | Oct 4, 2016

Only a few short weeks ago I was asked to dress in business casual wear for a function at work. At this request, I was overcome with anxiety and doubt that I would be able to pull it off. I knew that of the clothes I own, slim to none could qualify as professional wear. That night, I went home and tried on ten different combinations of clothes that I thought could possibly fill the bill. I felt disappointed and confused about the whole process. The main problem I encountered was that I didn’t have knowledge of what “business casual” consisted of, and I didn’t feel confident about the choices from my closet. I felt embarrassed that I didn’t know how to dress appropriately, and didn’t know how to get help in this area.

Shortly after this happened, Kristin let us know that they were aware that most of us felt this way and that they were reaching out to Dignity U Wear for some clothing donations to help equip us with appropriate clothing for the workplace. I was relieved that this issue was recognized and being addressed for survivors. They also told us that they planned to teach us how to dress professionally and give us business women makeovers!

I came in to work the next week and was given so many things that changed my world forever! First, I was given a new dress from Dignity U Wear that fit me perfectly and is beautiful and professional! I felt so confident when I put on that dress! Then we had someone sit down with us and explain how to dress for our body type and explain what is appropriate to wear at work. We had stylists come and do our hair and make-up! In that moment, I felt hopeful and excited for my future as a business woman! One of the things I am most thankful for is that I now have several outfits that I can wear to work and look and feel confident. I am empowered when I look the part at work. It’s one thing to know how to do your job, but dressing well for your role reflects both your ability and your confidence in that ability.

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