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About Rethreaded

Who We Are

Rethreaded’s vision is to never say ‘no’ to any human trafficking survivor who is ready to start a new life.

At the heart of Rethreaded is the belief that secure, empowering employment is the best way to help survivors of human trafficking to restore their lives. Meaningful employment builds confidence, strength, and stability.

Rethreaded hired its first full-time employee in partnership with the City Rescue Mission of Jacksonville and since then we have grown into a thriving social enterprise that provides jobs, career development, and a supportive community for trafficking survivors within Jacksonville.

Our Story

Rethreaded started with a simple idea and a strong passion from its founder, Kristin Keen. She began by forming relationships with women on the street and making prison visits and realized that the greatest need was for a safe, supportive work environment where the women could earn money while learning a skill and experiencing continued healing through community. Working in partnership with the City Rescue Mission of Jacksonville, Rethreaded hired its first full-time employee in November 2012.

A Letter from the Mayor

What We Do

Rethreaded works to break the cycle of human trafficking and the generational trauma it causes. We do good for good people through good business. 

Here’s how:

Rethreaded gives women the chance to rediscover their potential and transform their lives.

Employment Creates Safety and Security

Programs and Communities Create the Support Net Survivors Need

Training and Education Creates the Opportunity for Growth

Our Mission

Human Trafficking destroys lives. Rethreaded exists to restore choice, eliminate vulnerabilities to exploitation and break the cycle of generational trauma for survivors of human trafficking by providing employment, career development, and supportive services.


Survivors of Human trafficking We Have Employed

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Over 190,000 Hours of Work Provided for Survivors

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Ways You Can Join This Mission

Have an Impact Every Time You Shop

Every time you shop at Rethreaded, you are directly affecting the lives of survivors of human trafficking. Your buying power can be used to help change the world.


Becoming an advocate starts with education. Here you can get educated about human trafficking and become equipped to do something about it.


Every donation, no matter how large or small, has an impact on survivors. Donations help us provide case management, mental health counseling, job training, and so much more.


If you are passionate about this mission and looking for other ways to get involved, there are ways you can help. You can join a giving circle, become a volunteer or becoming a corporate sponsor.

The Rethreaded community includes our survivors, volunteers, retail customers, financial supporters, and the local media outlets that share our stories of hope. We are grateful for their help getting the word out.

When our story spreads, our community grows in two important ways:

  • Neighbors learn about Rethreaded and decide to get involved.
  • Future survivors hear about us, feel the spark of hope, and learn how they can too restore  their lives.

We’re proud to share these stories of hope, which are doors both for our community and for survivors we can’t wait to meet.

Stay in the loop

Sign up for regular communications from Rethreaded, so you can hear about upcoming events and ways to get involved.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the "sex trade?"

Rethreaded defines the "sex trade" as human trafficking, prostitution, strip clubs, pornography and other forms of sexual exploitation.

What is “human trafficking”?

Human trafficking is the use of force, fraud, or coercion to perform a sexual act for profit.   Or to cause a minor to perform a sex act for profit. Although slavery is commonly thought to be a thing of the past, human traffickers generate hundreds of billions of dollars in profits by trapping millions of people in horrific situations around the world, including here in the U.S. Traffickers use violence, threats, deception, debt bondage, and other manipulative tactics to force people to engage in commercial sex or to provide labor or services against their will. While more research is needed on the scope of human trafficking, there is no official estimate of the total number of human trafficking victims in the U.S. Polaris estimates that the total number of victims nationally reaches into the hundreds of thousands when estimates of both adults and minors and sex trafficking and labor trafficking are aggregated.

Community Resources compiled by Rethreaded survivor employees, this list of resources comes highly recommended by our staff who have experienced continued healing through community. https://rethreaded.com/pages/community-resources

How do I report trafficking?

If you or someone you know is in immediate danger, please call 911. If you believe you may have information about a trafficking situation, contact the following:

    • Human Trafficking Hotline – Anti-Trafficking Hotline Advocates are available 24/7 to take reports of potential human trafficking. All communication with the hotline is strictly confidential (Confidentiality Policy). See below for ways to contact the hotline:
    1. Call the National Human Trafficking Hotline toll-free hotline at 1-888-373-7888. Callers can dial 711 to access the Hotline using TTY.
    2. Text the National Human Trafficking Hotline at “BeFree” (233733). Message and data rates may apply.
    3. Chat the National Human Trafficking Hotline via humantraffickinghotline.org/chat
    4. Submit a tip online to the Human Trafficking Hotline through the anonymous online reporting form.
  • U.S. Department of Justice Hotline: Call 1-888-428-7581.
  • Florida Abuse Hotline: Call 1-800-96-ABUSE. Contact the hotline to report known or suspected child abuse, neglect, or abandonment, and known or suspected abuse, neglect, or exploitation of a vulnerable adult. Click here to report child or adult abuse online to the Florida Department of Children and Families.
  • Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office: Call 911 if it is an emergency. Call non-emergency number (904)-630-0500.
How did Rethreaded get started?

Rethreaded started with a simple idea, and a strong passion from it’s founder Kristin Keen. Beginning by forming relationships with women on the street and making prison visits, she knew the biggest need was for a safe, supportive work environment where women could earn money while learning a skill and experiencing continued healing through community. Working in partnership with the City Rescue Mission, Rethreaded hired its first full-time employee in November 2012. You can read more on our mission page (https://rethreaded.com/pages/the-mission).

How can I stay up-to-date with what’s happening at Rethreaded?

You can sign up for our email list to receive first notice of promotions, events and happenings at Rethreaded HQ https://rethreaded.com/pages/subscribe. You can also follow our blog https://rethreaded.com/blogs/news for an inside look at the focus and mission of Rethreaded. We also host an array of exciting events that we list on our website (https://rethreaded.com/pages/events). Don’t forget our social media channels as well, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube and Twitter @RethreadedInc.

What are some ways I can become more involved with Rethreaded?

SHOP our products: Shop with purpose for every season by purchasing a product that carries the story of the empowered woman that made it.

DONATE to our business and help to provide services and training for our women. You can also donate to Rethreaded by visiting our donation page. We also accept and love to receive your old and previously loved t-shirts! We can then turn them into beautiful hand-made products which help to change lives! We love to have volunteers in the building who dedicate their time to helping us treat and condition our upcycled materials.

VOLUNTEER your time: We have Volunteer Days every Thursday from 1:30 - 4:30 PM at the Rethreaded Warehouse located at 515 E 9th Street Jacksonville, FL 32206. We also have events, home parties, and more that we need your help to run. To sign up for an upcoming volunteer opportunity head over to our click here or contact Shelby at sgriffin@rethreaded.com. We love to have volunteers in the building who dedicate their time to helping us treat and condition our upcycled materials.

SHARE our mission: Help us spread the word! Our advocate's voices are vital for the growth of our business.  Be sure to tag us on social media when you rock your Rethreaded products along with the #shoprethreaded hashtag.

What is your return & exchange policy?

Return Policy: We will gladly accept returns for up to 30 days after purchase if your product is defective, or if you are unsatisfied. However, we will only accept items that haven’t been used, worn, or washed. Please return your product to the address below, with a copy of the original invoice and a reason for your return.

Return Address: Rethreaded, Inc. 515 E 9th Street, Jacksonville, FL 32206

Exchange Policy: If your order was incorrectly fulfilled or flawed in any way, please contact us at info@rethreaded.com and let us know. Exchanges will be accepted up to 90 days of purchase. Once your item is received & processed, we will ship your new item. Please return your product with the original invoice and the reason for your exchange to the address below. If your product is satisfactory, but you desire to exchange for a different item, you will need to specify what you would like instead and include $6 shipping and handling. Please check the products page to see if the item you wish to exchange for is in stock. Also, please make sure your shipping address is clearly indicated.

When can I come in to shop & where are you located?

The Rethreaded retail store is open for shoppers Tuesday thru Friday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM located at 515 E 9th Street, Jacksonville FL 32206.

Springfield Saturday

Hello Springfield! Come on down for a day of shopping, toffee tasting, and touring our space. Enjoy a community brunch with neighbors, and get the first pick of our seasonal items… all while supporting survivors of human trafficking.

Next Upcoming Event

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Birthday Party

Come celebrate Rethreaded's birthday and support survivors. There will be fun, games, raffles, tasty treats, and much more! We celebrate each year with a fresh theme and plenty of surprises, so be sure to stop in and help us celebrate another incredible year!

Come celebrate Rethreaded's birthday! There will be fun, games, raffles, tasty treats, and much more! We celebrate each year with a fresh theme and plenty of surprises, so be sure to stop in and help us celebrate another incredible year!

Mom’s Night Out

Enjoy reconnection, rejuvenation, and the opportunity to make a difference. This event is designed to uplift and empower moms while supporting a great cause. 

Engage in refreshing activities, enjoy specialty treats, and revel in a community of women determined to support one another through thick and thin.

This is a special event meant to engage moms with refreshing activities, specialty treats, and connections with other moms in the area.

Cocktails For A Cause

Meet with other Realtors in your area while you enjoy cocktails, networking, exclusive toffee tasting, and a personalized shopping experience while contributing to the care and support of survivors of human trafficking.

Are you in the real estate industry and looking to expand your professional network? Our Cocktails for a Cause event connects relators, interior designers, contractors, and other real estate industry professionals here in Jacksonville. You'll not only get the opportunity to network but also here from industry experts.

Women Empowering Women

Connect, uplift, and support survivors of human trafficking. Enjoy hors d'oeuvres, drinks, and Rethreaded’s unique upcycled products. Take part in authentic breakout group discussions about how to value and intentionally use your time. 

Proceeds from ticket sales provide employment, holistic care, and services for women in Rethreaded’s Survivor Development Program.

Connect with other women at our Women Empowering Women events. You'll have the opportunity to take part in authentic breakout group discussions and network with like-minded women in our community.

Mukti Freedom Gala

Join us for our largest annual fundraiser. Enjoy a champagne welcome, hors d’oeuvres, an open bar, seated dinner, silent and live auctions, entertainment, and dancing. 

As always, proceeds from this event go directly toward supporting survivors of human trafficking.

Our Mukti Gala is our largest annual fundraiser that helps us provide the resources needed for the survivor's development program. We would love your support at our next Mukti- which means "freedom" in Bengali - and help change lives with us. Plus, if you have the opportunity to join us in the festivities you'll get to enjoy an open bar, seated dinner, silent and live auctions, entertainment, dancing and so much more!

Human Trafficking Educational Panel

Join us as we discuss human trafficking prevention, dispel myths, and learn how to empower survivors. Experts will share their insights, experience, and perspective. Ticket proceeds support survivor care, support, and education.

Want to learn more about human trafficking prevention, dispel myths, and how you can empower survivors? Join us at one of our Human Trafficking Educational Panels where experts share their insights, experiences, and perspectives.