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Rethreaded is seeking a highly motivational, intentional, and organized Care Manager for the Survivor Development Program. The Care Manager will conduct needs assessments, develop care plans, and come alongside survivors as they work toward achieving their personal and professional goals. The individual will work closely with all members of the Survivor Development Program team.

At Rethreaded, there are various needs for each survivor employee, therefore, the Care Manager needs to be an excellent listener and able to connect with individuals easily and both build and maintain relationships. This position requires high levels of empathy, genuineness,
and the ability to bring harmony and peace to chaotic situations. This position will provide the chance to truly see lives changed by empowering and developing survivor employees and walking alongside them through various day-to-day challenges.

Rethreaded is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and social enterprise based in Jacksonville, FL dedicated to breaking the cycle of the sex trade with business by offering viable and life-giving work to survivors of human trafficking on a global and local level. Rethreaded designs,
manufactures, and sells its own brand of high-quality upcycled consumer products as well as resales like-minded company’s products. Rethreaded currently directly employs 12 Survivors locally and is supporting over 4000 Survivors worldwide through our sales efforts.


  • You have a passion for seeing women empowered and the tools to provide support to
  • You have exceptional character, integrity, honesty and are actively living out the values
    of Rethreaded.
  • You are organized and are good at planning and execution.
  • You have solid computer skills, you are very comfortable with spreadsheets and data
  • You have exceptional self-care skills and are a model to other employees.
  • You understand the need to be flexible and sensitive to the needs of the individuals with
    whom you work.
  • You transition seamlessly from independent work to one-on-one interaction to team-
    based interaction.
  • You have extensive knowledge of community resources and are committed to staying
    abreast of local, regional, and national changes in resource availability.
  • You have an understanding of crisis management.
  • You understand the importance of maintaining boundaries, confidentiality, and
    professionalism at all times.
  • You respect the beliefs of all individuals and are open to discussing difficult topics.
  • You are a highly motivated individual with the willingness to work outside defined job
    responsibilities if needed.
  • You have superior stress management skills.
  • You have excellent time management skills and can carefully document and account for time spent.
  • You listen carefully and empathetically to understand the spoken and unspoken message. You communicate clearly to ensure thorough understanding.
  • You are comfortable speaking up and firmly advocating when necessary, even to positions of power, on behalf of a Survivor.


  • Completing needs assessments to ensure survivors receive a comprehensive, trauma-informed, culturally competent care management plan that meets the individual needs of the survivor.
  • Regularly meet with survivor staff to ensure they are on pace to accomplish their goals according to their care plan.
  • Serve as the intermediary and work in partnership with Clinicians, Holistic Services Administrators, and other staff to provide direct services based on the needs identified in the survivor employee’s individual needs assessment.
  • Assist with referrals and coordinate with other community agencies as needed to meet the needs of the survivor employees.
  • Provide wise counsel to survivors in crisis to reduce/ eliminate poor decisions resulting from impulsivity.
  • Accompany survivor employees to court hearings, transitional living meetings, medical appointments, and other meetings as needed.
  • Conduct basic research, work with databases and do data entry.
  • Ensure all survivor employees have and are actively engaged with the support systems that are needed (sponsors, mentors, groups, meetings, etc.)
  • Meet with the Survivor Development Program team as needed to staff difficult cases.
  • Complete documentation as required by funding entities, courts, and referral sources.
  • Protect the integrity of Rethreaded by maintaining professionalism and character at all times.


  • Full-Time position
  • Reports to Holistic Services Administrator in consultation with the Clinical team and Director of HR
  • Preference will be given to applicants that identify as a survivor of human trafficking


  • Able to read, hand-write, and type in English
  • Able to hear and understand, and clearly speak English in person and/or over the phone
  • Able to sit or stand for up to 6 hours at a time
  • Able to safely drive night and day, and in any weather condition, and has a driver’s license in good standing.
  • Must be legally able to access jail, court, schools, etc.

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