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Rethreaded is seeking a customer focused, people-centric, analytical and sales-minded Retail Manager. The Retail Manager will be responsible for managing the retail sales team and the retail store operations. 

At Rethreaded, there are five career tracks that our survivor employees can choose, including sales. Not only does the Retail Sales Manager need to be an expert in B2C selling, this position also requires skills to train and mentor our survivor employees in the sales track. This position will have a chance to truly see lives be changed by empowering and developing survivor employees. Rethreaded needs a Retail Sales Manager who deeply believes in our mission and will help further carry out the mission of breaking the cycle of human trafficking. 

Rethreaded is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and social enterprise based in Jacksonville, Florida, whose mission is to renew hope, reignite dreams, and release potential for survivors of human trafficking through business on a global and local level. Rethreaded designs, manufactures and sells its own brand of high-quality upcycled consumer products as well as resales like-minded company’s products.  Rethreaded currently directly employs 11 Survivors locally and is supporting over 4000 Survivors worldwide through our sales efforts. 


  • You have AT LEAST 5 years of experience in retail store management.
  • You have experience with fashion, product and lifestyle retail.
  • You are comfortable taking direction and working under supervision, but you can work independently the majority of the time.
  • You are always a professional, but you know how to have fun, laugh often and be open and approachable for your team.
  • You love the energy and impact that the retail environment allows you to have on people and you are open and desiring to grow and develop in a retail career. 
  • You love to teach and share your knowledge with your team.  
  • You enjoy leading a team and rallying them to achieve goals.  
  • You are serious about high standards for presentation and customer service.
  • You have to be flexible, and avoid rigid environments. 
  • You know how to use all the Microsoft and Google stuff in the world.
  • You are proficient with Customer Relationship Management software.
  • You are able to work in an open, active manufacturing warehouse. You DON’T need privacy, quiet and a distraction-free workspace to flourish.


  • Run the retail store on a daily basis. 
  • Providing a superior customer experience to every person who enters the retail store.  
  • Driving sales through excellence in product, merchandising, service and sales.  
  • Implementing, tracking, and training on agreed on retail sales and development strategy. 
  • Train staff on retail selling and service, retail merchandising and inventory analysis.  Lead the retail career development track for all retail employees.
  • Review and report on data analysis for retail sales performance.
  • Provide Retail Sales floor coverage as necessary in the absence of the Retail Sales staff.
  • Manage retail staff schedule and provide daily, monthly, and annual coaching and performance appraisals.  
  • Manage retail store operations, including merchandising, inventory control/ loss prevention, and sales floor cleaning and maintenance.  
  • Plan and execute seasonal or other floor sets as directed. 
  • Provide product or inventory level suggestions to maximize sales growth. 
  • Develop and execute customer engagement programs to increase customer retention and repeat business. 
  • Assist with outside sales events as needed.
  • Assist with annual and quarterly inventory analysis and planning, and sourcing/ purchasing products for the retail store.  
  • Lead sales team during all on-campus special sales events.  


  • Full time, 40+ hours per week
  • Salaried, exempt
  • Base salary
  • Partial benefits
  • Reports to the Chief Operating Officer
  • Preference will be given to applicants that identify as a survivor of human trafficking


  • Able to read, hand-write and type in English
  • Able to hear and understand, and clearly speak English in person and/or over the phone
  • Able to regularly lift up to 30 lbs and occasionally lift up to 50 lbs 
  • Able to sit or stand for up to 6 hours at a time
  • Able to drive and has a driver’s license in good standing

For other inquiries on this job, please reach out to jobs@rethreaded.com.

Rethreaded is a drug-free workplace.  Pre-hire and random drug screens upon employment will be required.  Refusal to submit to a drug screen will result in termination or retraction of any employment offer.  Employees or applicants may contest a positive drug screen result to the medical review officer within 5 days of the notification of the positive drug screen result. 

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