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Basic needs aren’t just for (fur) babies

by | Apr 25, 2024

Rethreaded team members Gisele and Gloria recently joined the Rethreading Lives podcast to talk about our basic needs. Gisele gave the example of her fur baby. When her dog is barking or otherwise exhibiting negative behavior, she goes down a quick mental list of when she last fed him, gave him water, or took him outside. Often, a quick assessment of his basic needs shows Gisele how to not only correct the behavior but also to meet his underlying needs.


We don’t often show ourselves the same level of grace or consideration. Gloria pointed out how frequently we try to run on caffeine and fast food, and then we wonder why we feel sluggish and impatient. When we’re physically running on empty, we’re also mentally and emotionally depleted.

That’s why Gloria points to a basic tenet of trauma-informed care: starting with something small that can make a difference. Instead of trying to change everything about our lives, we can focus on the simple and basic necessities of getting enough sleep, protein, and water each day. These seemingly small steps can make a huge difference in how we feel and relate to the world around us.

You can watch the full podcast on YouTube.

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