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Born into Brothels

by | Oct 8, 2014

This is the sad truth. Where you were born and to whom you were born has a huge impact on the kind of life you are capable of leading. This means that those born into brothels are born into a seemingly hopeless situation. In India, the children’s last names are their father’s first name. Children born into brothels often never know the identity of their father. They have only one name. Their mother’s trade leaves them destitute and stigmatized, outcasted by society. They are too poor to receive education and at a certain age, the brothel owner will sometimes force them into the same trade as their mother. Is there no hope for those born into brothels? At Rethreaded’s Invest in Freedom Film event, you will witness what hope looks like for these children. Kids with Cameras is a non-profit that has gone into countries around the world and trained marginalized children the skill of photography. The art of photography captures the children’s imaginations and empowers them with a useful trade, confidence, and hope. The academy award winning film, Born into Brothels, produced by Kids with Cameras, gave children in Calcutta’s red light district a chance to break the cycle of the sex trade in their families. The documentary gives a glimpse into how one woman gave hope to 8 children in the red light district by teaching them how to take photos. Through the sale of the children’s photos and other supporters, Kids with Cameras has continued to support the education of children in the film. Many completed their high school studies and have gone onto film schools and other universities. The cycle of the sex trade was broken for these children though the business of photography. Rethreaded and their Freedom business partners are also breaking the cycle through their innovative work around the world. When you attend Rethreaded’s event, you will not only have a chance to see the hope of children in the film but you will also have a chance to purchase products from other organizations offering hope. Love Calcutta Arts is working in the same area where Born into Brothels was filmed and is employing the daughters of the women in prostitution to make hand crafted products such as journals and cards. Rethreaded’s founder and director, Kristin Keen, will share powerful stories about Love Calcutta Arts from her firsthand experiences in India. Don’t miss this incredible night full of hope and restoration for children who rose against the seemingly insurmountable odds. Check out Kids with Cameras and Love Calcutta Arts to learn more.

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