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Bye Leah! We will miss you!

by | Oct 8, 2014

We are sad to see our First and amazing intern Leah Frye leave Rethreaded today.  She did an amazing job for the past three months supporting Rethreaded in our marketing department.  She has set a high standard for future interns!   We are going to miss her!  I asked her to reflect on her time at Rethreaded before she left.  I will let her speak for herself:

As summer comes to an end that means one thing for me, back to school! But sadly, it also means an end to my time at rethreaded for this summer. I have been so blessed to have had the opportunity to work with Kristin and the Many other beautiful people I’ve met through rethreaded. It has left me with a desire to not only work harder in my courses as a design major but to seriously begin  changing my campus. I’m writing this blog to take the time to say thank you.

Thanks to Kristin for sharing not only her visions and dreams for rethreaded, but her time and patience. As well as extending her hand in friendship rather than formality as we worked together to see things happen at the warehouse, in our city, and in people’s hearts. Thanks to her amazing designer Karen kurycki for providing feedback and assistance with all of the design endeavors I faced! Rethreaded would not be as the same without your magic design touch! Thanks to Natalie schoof for working tirelessly to coordinate so much for rethreaded and see us represented in the right way. Your example of hard work has inspired me completely, seeing as how I’ll need it this school year! And thanks to the beautiful Hanna Palmer, for not only sharing in the desire to spread the mission of rethreaded and taking the time to teach me about social media but also getting me hooked on instagram ad twitter! Also thanks to the many other board directors, volunteers, and rethreaded fans who made this summer my absolute favorite! It has given me such joy to see you all come together to change and educate the Jacksonville community to bring hope and transformation to these womens’ lives, no matter where they are. Because I know it has sure brought hope and transformation into mine!

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