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Change Lives Without Changing Your Business

by | Sep 1, 2022

When we look at the community around us, the desire to help is strong and true. But when you really get into the nitty-gritty of life and business it can be hard to carve out that extra effort to give back. This is why we suggest businesses simply use what they already do as their catalyst to change lives.

Giving back does not mean you have to do something different than what you are already doing. Instead, look at what you do daily and see how you can use that to help the world around you. You would be surprised to see how effectively this works. What do you do? How can that benefit others? Think of it this way: if you are a window washer, offer to wash the windows of the local food pantry for free. If you own a landscaping business and your neighbor is elderly, send a crew to take care of the lawn for them. You are fitting these moments that seem small into a much bigger and more important picture. Something that seems as small as clean windows or cut grass can really create a sense of peace for the community around you. Just do what you do and impact the world. It’s a practical and rewarding concept!

Image From Fortress Building Products


Here are a couple of tangible examples from local businesses who did this for us at Rethreaded. Our friends at Earthworks, Harbinger Sign, and Fortress all played big roles in helping us make Rethreaded’s Delores Barr Weaver Campus of Hope a home. They did all this with what they do on a daily basis in their businesses. Earthworks donated their time and resources to help create our beautiful serenity garden where survivors can go to feel peace and community. Harbinger Signs donated their time and skills to create all of the signs on our campus. Fortress donated their time and energy to help create our amazing back deck and railing so we have great space for outdoor community activities and events. All of these donations meant so much to us not just as a nonprofit, but as a community of people who got to see everyone come together to help one another. The donations were extremely generous and they were doable for each company because they were skillsets, resources, and time that they spend every day in their business. They just did what they do, and helped us change lives!

Businesses such as Vystar, Heritage Capital Group, I-Methods, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Aitken Home Team all use gift giving as a part of their business philosophy. Each of these companies have utilized Rethreaded’s corporate gift line, Gifts of Hope to give gifts to important relationships in their business. They did what they already do, purchased meaningful, unique gifts, and helped us create jobs for women! When a company uses Rethreaded for gifts, it allows us to DO WHAT WE DO and change lives!


Without the help of businesses like the ones above, Rethreaded would not be able to accomplish everything we do on a daily basis. So go out and find the individual, nonprofit, community, or organization that your business can step in and offer your services!

Need some ideas or want to learn more about doing what you do and changing lives  or meaningful gift giving? Rethreaded will be hosting a panel event on Thursday, September 8th from 6:00-8:00pm where we will have 5 expert panelists that do what they do and give back! Representatives from Vystar, Aitken Home Team, The Jags, Heritage Capital Group, and I-Methods will tell you about the practical ways to get involved and how to be strategic in the gifts you give. These companies truly care about the community around them and use their business for good. They are eager to tell you how you can too! Maybe you just want to meet some awesome, deeply progressive, good business leaders, small and large? This is the opportunity!

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*Featured Image Is From Fortress Building Products

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