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Children Love the Dream Ditty Bag!

by | Oct 8, 2014

My son Elijah spotted the Ironman bag the minute he walked in the door! It was a Rethreaded Dream Ditty Bag made from an upcycled Ironman t-shirt. He had to have it!
He enjoys being at Rethreaded, and always likes it when we visit the warehouse. But, now he had something special from Rethreaded that was his very own. He carried his Dream Ditty bag around everywhere that first day.
He loves the rock crayons and says that his favorite part is, “getting to color all my pictures in it.”
He is referring to the special Rethreaded journal inside, made just for kids. He thinks it’s so cool to have his very own journal and crayons to keep his pictures and dreams chronicled from day to day.
As a mom, I think these bags are a brilliant idea for kids. I love everything that Rethreaded stands for – the opportunities Rethreaded gives women to “sew a new story,” achieving new dreams in their lives. The Dream Ditty bags carry that theme forward to the children. Each child can believe that there is something special about their own future, and use their bag and journal to truly dream and imagine.  And, let’s be honest, all kids – boys and girls alike – love little bags to keep their “special stuff” safe.

Rethreaded’s Dream Ditty bags would be great gifts for any elementary age child!!

-Cournay Bowser, Rethreaded Advocate

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