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Cultivating “Joy in the Kitchen” Where You Are

by | Feb 22, 2024

Not every workplace has a mission that is as obvious as Rethreaded’s, but the hopeful truth is that we can bring the Rethreaded “joy in the kitchen” experience into any job. In a recent podcast, Jason and Lisa, discussed the core insight that, no matter what you’re doing, you can choose to find “what’s human about it.” Discovering and focusing on the “heartbeat” makes any job purposeful.

Jason shared about a day in a previous retail role when he made a customer laugh, and then cry. She just lost her husband and daughter, and this was the first time she had laughed. Since that day, Jason has consistently trained others to consider that we have no idea where our coworkers or customers are coming from. Maybe it was a hospital, funeral home, or divorce court.  

Behind every job function is a human being who is receiving something from the work we’re doing. We have a choice to identify that person, find their “heartbeat,” and then choose to contribute positively, even in the smallest of ways. This gives any task–no matter how repetitive or thankless it may seem–deep purpose.

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