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Drivers and Survivors Giving Hope

by | Dec 16, 2016

zTrip is proud to work alongside Rethreaded in an effort to make a difference in the lives of the victims of Sex Trafficking. Our drivers are in the streets picking up victimized women on a regular basis and this gives them a unique opportunity to interact with them. Partnering with Rethreaded will help equip our drivers to help these women while offering them the information needed to help themselves. Many women feel this type of life is normal and believe there is no other way.  We have already learned how far a smile or an act of kindness can really go.

Our drivers care. Our team here at zTrip cares and want to make a difference. We realize that because of our position in the transportation industry, we have a unique opportunity to help.  Nowadays, it’s easy to engross ourselves in life’s myriad of distractions, but it is a dangerous reality that the busyness allows us to ignore or forget the darkest parts of the world.  We at zTrip believe it is an important responsibility to do our part in being a light to help point people in the direction of hope. We are honored to be that light and look forward to making a difference.

Written by Tammy Braddock, Sales Manager at Ztrip


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