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Every Dollar Impacts a Survivor at Rethreaded

by | Nov 8, 2022

Do you want your donation to support the program or administrative costs? It’s common to hear from supporters of any nonprofit organization that they don’t want their money to go to administrative costs; they often want their funds to help support the program or special projects. The reality is that nonprofits don’t exist without administrative costs that allow the organization to operate their program and fulfill their mission. At Rethreaded though, these costs are often the same. Being employed in the Survivor Development Program means that a survivor can be employed in roles in any of these departments: 

  • Finance & Administration  
  • Business Development 
  • Production
  • Retail
  • Industrial Kitchen 
  • Operations

When you donate to Rethreaded a survivor is involved in every facet of the organization. When a check is received or a donation is made online, survivors working in Finance & Administration are an essential part of ensuring that the necessary deposit slips, data entry, and monthly reports are completed. A survivor within the Business Development team is involved in acknowledging donors for their important gift via a thank you email or card, sending a monthly impact email to donors from that month, and building ongoing relationships with donors through phone calls and meetings. When you purchase a product in our retail store or online, survivors in the Production department have made many of those items.

Survivors in the Retail team have also helped to add new inventory into our systems, restock the sales floor, and pack the popup shopping kits for the Business Development team to sell products at outside events. Retail team members also assist you at check out in the store, package your online order for shipment, or prepare your bulk corporate gift orders. A survivor in the Industrial Kitchen department has also helped prepare and package our best-selling toffees. Behind the scenes of all of these departments is our hard-working Operations team that is maintaining the day-to-day needs of our 36,000 square foot property, making repairs to the building, maintaining vehicles that transport staff to outside selling events, cleaning the facilities, adding bricks to our Serenity Garden, preparing raw material for the Production team, and setting up for various events held at Rethreaded. This is just a small piece of what is happening at Rethreaded day-to-day.

Every department and every piece of the inner workings of Rethreaded matters for our mission to be carried out, and every dollar you give helps Rethreaded create meaningful long-term employment for survivors of human trafficking. When a new hiring class of survivors begins at Rethreaded, each woman is asked about their natural skill sets and interests, to be placed in a department where they can thrive.

Once they begin training in their designated department, they have the benefit of learning from a professional head of department who is an expert in their field. These department heads then coach the women towards success and continued growth.

At Rethreaded, it’s not just about a paycheck for survivors; it’s also coaching, learning, and growing in skill sets to set up survivors for success for whatever the next steps of their career may hold. Whether you donate or purchase gifts from Rethreaded you can show your support with confidence, knowing that your hard-earned dollars go directly to helping survivors reclaim their lives.

Become a Freedom Friend today and help provide employment, holistic care, and services to a survivor at Rethreaded.

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