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Rethreaded Purchases Amelia Toffee Company

by | Sep 18, 2021

JACKSONVILLE, Florida, September 16, 2021 — Local nonprofit, Rethreaded announces today the purchase of Amelia Toffee Company. This acquisition comes after years of collaboration on various events, including Rethreaded selling a specialized Amelia Toffee products from their retail and online store.

“It’s such an incredible thing we are so excited about,” says Kristin Keen, founder and CEO of Rethreaded. “We have always admired Amelia Toffee and have loved their heart for their community and the care they take in creating their product.”

Rethreaded sees this as an opportunity to increase the kinds of products they provide as well as be able to train survivors in areas of food preparation and candy making. It will also open up 3-5 more positions for survivors of human trafficking.

“This really marks an increase of the impact we’re able to have,” says Anita Comisky, founder of Amelia Toffee Company. “I am thrilled that Amelia Toffee is part of Rethreaded and we can help change many lives with our toffee.”

No immediate changes are expected to the online, retail, or vendor outlets for Amelia Toffee. Even after the acquisition, Anita will remain with the company and will continue to build and foster relationships with the community as well as the many outlets that stock the toffee, including the Home Shopping Network, Paula Dean, Whole Foods, and many more.

Keen continues, “This is great news for Rethreaded, for Amelia Toffee, and for anyone who has closely followed either brand. It means more good and more impact for survivors.”

The retail store will remain operational and may even expand hours as a result of this new step, so local residents should expect to see even more of Amelia Toffee in the coming months.

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