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First Stitches

by | Jul 29, 2016

Every woman that goes through production is initiated with her first stitches. After getting accompanied with the sewing machine, her inaugural work is then hung on the wall to display the beginning of a new era.

This past month two survivors, Denise and Ariel, sewed their very first stitches.

When asked about how the experience made them feel, Denise first jokingly answered, “I feel so domesticated,” and then added, “It’s fun to learn something new. I was intimidated at first, but surprised myself with how quickly I picked it up.”

When Ariel was asked she said, “I’m developing another skill. This opens up a whole new door for me to be more creative.”

Each cloth hung in the production room displays the survivors’ names. The fabric is adorned with lines of their making. Many of the paths begin with curves in varying directions that slowly straighten as the stitches continue, just as the women hone in on their skill. Although the trails are not perfect, they redeem their pathway. With each pump of the pedal the survivors gain more familiarity and control while also building trust with the ability of the machine. First stitches are not simply threads driven through clothes. First stitches are introductions to what Rethreaded aims to achieve: a new journey for women reclaiming their value, worth and life.

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