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“From Sex Trade to Sewing for Profit”

by | Oct 10, 2014

Rethreaded’s founder, Kristin Keen, was interviewed by Justmeans.com blogger, Julie Fahnestock. 

Below are a few excerpts from the interview – Click here to read the full blog post. 

“All of our women say that there is love and acceptance [at Rethreaded]. They aren’t judged for their past. That’s why women stay with it and believe in it,” Keen told me.

“I asked our women, ‘What do you want Rethreaded’s voice to be? What do you want people to know?’ One woman told me that she wants people to be able to see her for who she is now, not for where she’s been. There’s a huge stigma attached to anyone associated with sex trade.”

Julie Fahnestock is the newest edition to the Rethreaded team working as the Community Outreach Coordinator! She is also pursuing her MBA in Managing for Sustainability at Marlboro Graduate School in Vermont. She has a background in international development and grassroots organizing and is passionate about equitable wages, labor rights and the global income disparity. 

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