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Full-Circle Moments

by | Jun 4, 2024

Sometimes the path to discovering your purpose lies in exploring your roots. For Travis Williams, looking back at his family history and community provided the key to moving forward in a meaningful direction.

The Impact of Family

Travis credits his family, especially his mother and grandfather, Henry Williams, with instilling values that guided him. His grandfather was a respected man whom Travis deeply admired. He described Henry as someone a lot of people depended on and a faithful provider and protector.

This early influence laid the foundation for Travis’ desire to make a difference. However, after college, despite financial success with his own company, Travis felt unfulfilled.

Seeking a Sign

Travis could sense a calling but didn’t know where it would lead. He took a leap of faith, selling his business without a clear next step, entering what he called his “wilderness years.”

During this period of wandering and discernment, Travis returned to his roots, getting more involved in the Eastside community. That exposed him to the concept of “purpose-built communities” – enhancing neighborhoods for existing residents versus redesigning a community to attract new inhabitants.

Following His Roots

Researching this approach, Travis uncovered photos and documents of his grandfather engaged in similar community-focused efforts. Travis was shocked by the discovery that his grandfather felt a similar desire. It’s as if our paths and purpose are generational.

Something deep inside him, some part of his grandfather, had drawn him to this path. Travis realized in hindsight that this purpose had been there all along, and that it just took time to reveal it. Now, the message was clear.

Coming Full Circle

By returning to serve the community that molded him, Travis found alignment between his roots and his calling. His grandfather had modeled service and leadership. Now Travis could carry on that legacy with his work at LiftJax, empowering others in his hometown.

Listen to Your Story

Travis’ story reminds us that clues to our purpose may come from listening to our past. Within our families and hometowns, we may find signposts pointing toward what provides meaning. Honoring our roots can guide and help us on the path forward.

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