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Honesty, Security, and Hard Truths

by | Nov 28, 2023

For most businesses, a thriving community helps teams reach their highest productivity. But here at Rethreaded, we take a different view. 

For us, community is something more. It is a place of healing and a place of safety. When we talk about community, we talk about security, support, and structures that help women grow. 

We recently spoke with Tom Rossi, founder of Buzzsprout, about what community means for businesses and what it can mean for people. 

Where You Stand Is Where You Grow

During our conversation, Rossi shared a memory that has stuck with him. He was at one of the Rethreaded events, listening to Jack Welch speak when Welch said, “You have no business leading people that do not know where they stand.”

What does that mean? 

When expectations are clear and feedback is honest, people can flourish. By providing regular, candid feedback, we can help our employees know exactly where they stand and show them where they can grow. That is how a company can find its real purpose.

But it’s not always easy. Sometimes the feedback can be hard to hear and hard to give. 

Speaking Hard Truths

This is why Rethreaded works so hard to build its community. Trust is paramount because everyone at some point needs to hear a hard truth. 

When the time comes for that hard truth to be delivered, it must come from a place of love, trust, and safety. 

When people feel seen, heard, and valued, they can find meaning and fulfillment from the work they do. When people feel safe and secure in their community, they can face hard truths and use them to grow. 

To hear the full conversation, and to learn the different methods Rethreaded and Buzzsprout use to create these communities of safety and trust, check out the full episode!

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