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How Atlantic Self Storage Is Using Their Business for Good

by | Aug 2, 2022

As a nonprofit organization, we rely heavily on our community’s expertise and support for things we may not have easy access to. So, when Atlantic Self Storage heard we needed help moving pallets of leather to our new location, The Delores Barr Weaver Campus of Hope, they came with more support than we could have asked for! They provided trucks to move the leather and volunteered their time to help us expedite the process. 

Although this may seem like a small gesture for them, the impact it had on us was tenfold. Three tractor-trailer loads of leather were moved from our old campus to The Delores Barr Weaver Campus of Hope in a day with the help and equipment the Atlantic Self Storage team provided. Because Atlantic Self Storage provided staff for unloading the leather, our ladies working at Rethreaded did not have to. This allowed them to focus on day to day tasks to keep our mission moving forward. Atlantic Self Storage was a major part of our growth as we  expanded into our new building. This helps us provide more women who have experienced human trafficking with the employment, therapies, and care that they need to be successful. 

Businesses like Atlantic Self Storage that use their business for good make such a huge impact on the lives around them and help us create more opportunities for the women working at Rethreaded. 

Make an Impact by Volunteering With Rethreaded

You have the opportunity to join the mission and make an impact on the lives of those who have experienced human trafficking by volunteering with us for one of our work days.

Are you an individual wanting to volunteer? 

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Are you a company, team, or group wanting to volunteer?

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Ways You Can Support Rethreaded

If you’d like to make an immediate impact within our organization, here’s five things you can do today to renew hope, reignite dreams, and release potential for survivors of human trafficking.

1. Make A Purchase Through Rethreaded: Each purchase from Rethreaded directly impacts the life of a survivor and helps them gain skills, get job training, and goes directly towards their salary. All of our products are hand made by survivors. 

2. Corporate Gifting: Gifts of Hope are perfect gift boxes for clients, customers, employees, speakers, conference gifts, etc. Shop some classic box combinations or create your own! Customize colors, add logos, initials, and a personalized message to your gift. 

3. Donate: All donations go to providing access to counseling, mental health therapies, and wrap around care management services for survivors of human trafficking. No matter what your donation amount, know that you are leveraging your resources to make our community and the world a better and more healing place for survivors.   

4. Become an Event Sponsor or Host: Many of our connections are made and much of our sales are created through the events we have, externally and internally. Sponsor a Rethreaded event and get marketing recognition and the social ROI for using your business for good; Or, host an event in our warehouse! We also bring pop-up shops and speak live with certain criteria. If you would like to become an event sponsor or host, email info@kairosdevt9.sg-host.com.

5. Join A Giving Circle: Our giving circles are volunteer-led groups founded by Rethreaded donors and supporters. We have two volunteer-led groups, Circle of Sisters and Band of Brothers.

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