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How Delores Barr Weaver is Shaping Jacksonville

by | May 26, 2022

You might’ve heard Rethreaded’s new home being called the “The Delores Barr Weaver Campus Of Hope”. We were able to purchase our warehouse because of a generous matching grant from the Delores Barr Weaver Legacy Fund. Delores Weaver came from humble beginnings and worked to become one of the country’s top 20 generous donors! 

Delores is a philanthropist and one of the greatest supporters of this city. Some of her many titles include one of the original founders of Women’s Giving Alliance, and the founder of The Delores Barr Weaver Legacy Fund. She has helped Jacksonville in tremendous ways that many of us don’t even realize. 

Delores Barr Weaver came to Jacksonville in 1993 with her husband Wayne Weaver and established the NFL Franchise, The Jacksonville Jaguars. Delores was passionate about establishing the Jaguar Foundation and was the champion of its work and oversaw the day to day operations. Since then, she has challenged our community’s generosity and created philanthropists throughout Jacksonville. Delores continuously gave and continues to give through her legacy fund to causes that support the rights for women and children, public education, hospitals, and more. 

She has donated and helped women’s youth programs, nonprofits, community outreach programs and more. Because of Delores Weaver’s advocacy for women and girls, she was the original funder for what is now named after her: The Delores Barr Weaver Policy Center that opened in 2013. The Delores Barr Weaver Policy Center is “a center which engages communities, organizations and individuals through quality research, community organizing, advocacy, training and model programming to advance the rights of girls, young women, and youth who identify as female, especially those impacted by the justice system”. (Delores Barr Weaver Policy Center) 

The Delores Barr Weaver center has already produced 27 original research publications elevating issues impacting girls in the justice system, passed 5 laws in partnership with the Children’s Campaign, trained nearly 3,000 professionals and students in the justice system, law enforcement, education, and health fields, etc. (Delores Barr Weaver Policy Center Accomplishments

Delores is one of the founding members of the Women’s Giving Alliance, an organization which aims to improve the lives of women and girls in Northeast Florida, and inspire women to be strategic philanthropists. Through the Women’s Giving Alliance, in 2021, more than 400 members pooled their gifts to make $587,500 of grants benefiting women and girls in Northeast Florida. (Women’s Giving Alliance

Though these accomplishments are incredible, the most interesting thing about Delores is how she challenges the community by offering matching grants to create new philanthropists. She believes that everyone can donate and rally around a cause to help their city. 

Rethreaded would not be where it is today without Delores Weaver’s continuous support and contributions. She has supported Rethreaded since our third year of existence and over the years, has made investments that have helped us hire more staff, obtain air conditioning in our previous building, and now has helped us create our forever home –  The Delores Barr Weaver Campus of Hope. 

Delores Weaver has created a tremendous legacy. Her investment into women and youth programs has changed the story for many in our city. Because of her generosity, generations of lives will be changed. We honor the legacy that Delores has created in our city.

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