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How The Rethreaded Survivor Development Program Is Changing Lives

by | May 11, 2021

When a survivor is hired at Rethreaded, she joins the Survivor Development Program. This program is an important part of a woman’s journey to healing and restoration. As our capacity has increased, we have been able to hire more support staff that help our employees implement holistic and tangible practices. Gloria Love, our Holistic Services Administrator, recently shared with us about what the Survivor Development Program looks like today: 

Q: What does the Survivor Development Program at Rethreaded include?

A: “The program is directly informed by one of our core values, Holistic Restoration. We define Holistic Restoration to mean,’ to my original intention and purpose in life.’ This is measured by meeting the needs that have gone unmet. These needs include but are not limited to: healthy living, medical concerns, legal concerns, social and relational restoration, life skills training (computer skills, time management, building relational capital.) Group therapy, one on one therapy, care management, and ongoing training and coaching are deployed together to meet these goals. At the end of a lady’s time here we desire to see that hope is restored, dreams are reignited, and potential is released.”

Q: How has The Survivor Development Program changed over time?

A: ” Due to staffing capacity, our main clinician managed all care management and therapy, which included on-call crisis counseling. Since August 2020, we have a team of clinicians and program staff who can now offer all the listed services and training.”

Q: What support does a survivor receive during her first 90 days of work at Rethreaded?

A:  “A survivor receives three full days of onboarding to acclimate to employment Weekly life skills training (computer skills, business etiquette, time management, etc) Group and individual therapy. Each new hire cohort will meet with a care manager 30 minutes a week to articulate their needs and work through the plan to meet those needs.  All other survivor staff members will have this opportunity as well.”

Q: What makes this program unique?

A: This is a place of employment that is also a provider of direct services. It is rare for an organization to create jobs and provide direct services. This means we can teach and support the personal and professional development of our staff in real-time. The value of these benefits is the overall safe space that is created for all aspects of a woman to reclaim her life. 

Q: What happens beyond the 90 days?

A: “Survivor staff participate in ongoing all-team training in Emotional Intelligence, Managing Healthy Conflict, a Personal Money Management class, and of course ongoing group and individual therapy. As needed we will provide resume writing, interview prep classes, and public speaking.”

Q: What is the goal of the Rethreaded Program? 

A: “To make sure by the time a woman leaves the program, she has holistically restored her life and has the tools to move forward both personally and professionally with all of her goals.”

When you give to Rethreaded, you are making essential care like this possible. The program gives care that empowers our employees. You can help keep care like this going at Rethreaded when you provide an Hour of Freedom. For only $25 you can provide an hour of  group therapy, one hour of one-on-one counseling with a licensed mental health therapist, or one hour of personal development and training.

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