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How to Find Your Purpose

by | Jan 23, 2024

How to find your purpose 

Finding our purpose can feel like a complicated, existential process. As we can see from the more than 1,000 books about it available on Amazon, people desperately want to wade through the mystery and discover why they’re here. 

But to Rethreaded’s Kristin and Jason, it’s not that complicated. In Rethreading Lives Episode 8, they explain what they believe is the surprisingly simple (though not always easy) way to find your purpose and start living it out each day.


“Everyone has a similar purpose” 

We each have different talents, gifts, and interests. And yet, as human beings, the reason we have (and use) those attributes is similar; in Kristin’s words, “it’s tied to love.” (9:30 – 9:45).

Our purpose transcends our circumstances, statuses, mistakes, successes, and even pain. At Rethreaded, we believe that “nothing can take away [our] mission to love people.” (47:00) If we choose to protect it from despair, anger, blame, and shame, then our purpose is indestructible.

We see this every day. When our survivors were experiencing trafficking or incarceration, many of them still chose to take care of people and, even while they were suffering, to retain their humanity. (33:34) Each of us can make the daily choice to wake up, decide not to give in to distraction and discouragement, and care well for the people right in front of us.


Do the next right thing 

The best way to do this, in Jason’s words, is to “do the next right thing.” (10:35) Maybe this looks like taking care of our children, choosing to speak kindly to our spouses, doing our best at work so our contributions help other people, or caring well for our friends. When we do this, it “mysteriously gets us to our purpose.” (10:12).

Our unique identities come out in the particular ways we do this. (10:40) Our talents, personalities, and interests will guide how we put good into the world and impact individual people’s lives, but they won’t change the objective.

The best part is that we don’t have to wait until we are promoted at work, get married, break free from addiction, or reach another milestone to start living purposefully. Instead, we can simply look at the person next to us and decide to be intentionally kind or helpful. If we do that faithfully, our purpose will find us. 

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