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How To Use Strategic Partnerships to Do Good

by | Oct 25, 2022

When you think of companies using their business for good, it’s easy to think about companies using their profit to tackle a real-world problem. You might also think of large corporations with an entire team dedicated to corporate social responsibility. Not all businesses fit into these two categories though, so what about the rest? What about small and medium-sized businesses? Great news! You don’t have to write a million-dollar donation check to make an impact.

Start with what you’re already doing. If you provide a product, service, or skill set that a nonprofit can use to grow its impact, offer it! Whether you work in accounting, roofing, catering, lawn maintenance, or printing – these are all real needs of nonprofits, and providing them with these services at no cost means more of the funds they raise can be put towards fulfilling their important mission. 

Rethreaded is grateful to have received support from many professionals during the construction of our forever campus in 2021, including Fortress Builders for our deck and railing and Earthworks for our landscaping. There are ongoing partnerships too, such as Lindsey Pest Services, which provides our monthly pest control services. Sight & Sound is another incredible in-kind partner that has helped us for many years with audio-visual production and rentals for our annual 500-person gala, the Mukti (Freedom) Gala. 

“Rethreaded is making the world we live in a better place, who wouldn’t want to be a part of their great mission? Supporting organizations like this makes our community a better place to work and live and is an important standard that we seek when creating partnerships.” – Jon Davis, Owner & CEO of Sight & Sound Productions

Each of these businesses is using its area of expertise to make a lasting impact, and you can do the same.

If your company doesn’t have a charitable giving budget or it’s maxed out quickly because you have such giving hearts, get creative! Consider partnering with nonprofits to execute strategies you already have in place. You can sponsor an event for your favorite nonprofit from your marketing budget while still reaching your goal of gaining exposure and connecting with a new audience. If part of your annual budget is planned for gifts for vendors, customers, or staff, use these funds to purchase gifts from a nonprofit like Rethreaded instead of hopping online or stopping by a large chain store. Keychains, journals, candles, toffee, coasters…there are so many ways to say thank you or I’m thinking of you. You can even add your company logo or the gift recipient’s initials to leather items with beautiful foil debossing in gold, silver, or gunmetal.

Whether it’s six leather journals for conference speaker gifts, 25 candles for your employees, or 100 bags of toffee for your top clients, these opportunities add up to make a significant impact and provide meaningful work. 

To partner with Rethreaded for in-kind donations utilizing your business’ expertise, email info@kairosdevt9.sg-host.com to inquire whether your services are needed. 

For sponsorship opportunities, check out our 2023 Mukti Gala and for other sponsorship opportunities throughout the year, email priscilla@kairosdevt9.sg-host.com.

If you’re interested in buying gifts with Rethreaded, check out our current Gifts of Hope catalog and email ahassell@kairosdevt9.sg-host.com with questions or to place an order.

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