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How We Celebrate Gratitude

by | Sep 19, 2019

September 21st is World Gratitude Day. At Rethreaded, we try to ingrain an atmosphere of thankfulness and gratitude throughout our workdays and beyond. Each week, we remind ourselves to live out an attitude of expectation. It is too easy to spend our time focusing on the bad, we want to be intentional about focusing on the good. 

Every Thursday morning, we start our morning with a practice we call Thankful Thursday. We go around the circle and every staff member gives thanks for something in our lives. Sharing thanks always creates a sense of joy and gratitude. Tears of joy are often shed during this time. Our staff shares stories of reunification with family members. Other staff members remember the little things like joy found in a sunrise or a hot cup of coffee.    

No matter what our past or present looks like, we can always be thankful for the hope of a new day. When the Threads For Hope Bracelet was first made, we were inspired by the ideas of hope and giving thanks in all things. Each thread is a symbol of a second chance, an opportunity to start over. 

We want to know how YOU practice gratitude! Tag us in your Thankful Thursday posts and let’s spread a culture of thankfulness together! 

Check out how one of our staff members expressed her gratitude through poetry: Read her amazing words here

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