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Introducing Elemental: Ancient, Natural Beauty

by | Aug 21, 2023

We are thrilled to introduce you to our latest endeavor. We’ve been working hard to bring you an exciting new product line of everything from earrings to tote bags: Elemental.

With a focus on two distinct yet harmonious narratives, Elemental encompasses a stunning jewelry collection and a range of exquisite leather goods. Inspired by ancient Greek and Roman adornments, our jewelry line celebrates antiquity, nature, and empowerment. The leather collection celebrates timeless sophistication, simplicity, and sustainability, reflecting a remarkable growth in artisan’s leather working skills with rich applique, color blocking, and debossed details, exemplifying our commitment to elegance and craftsmanship.

There’s a lot going on in this exciting new line, so let’s jump right in!


Birthday Party and New Beginnings

First, we have some exciting news!

Rethreaded celebrated its 12th birthday on July 29th, 2023!

It was an incredible evening of celebrating the accomplishments of survivors, chatting with friends, and reflecting on the impact we’ve made over the years.

We also want to give a special shoutout to Riverside Homes, who generously offered to match every dollar donated or spent up to $40,000!

Together Riverside Homes and Rethreaded supporters have helped pave the way in helping bring even more resources like employment, holistic care, and care management to current and future survivors of human trafficking!

We chatted, played Cornhole and Jumbo Jenga, and ate delicious treats. And to top it all off, we held a fashion show to show off our newest product line: Elemental!

The Fashion Show

The fashion show was a dazzling display of grace and style. Our models did a wonderful job showcasing the Elemental line’s jewelry and leather creations.

It was a truly wonderful display of the talent, creativity, and craftsmanship we are so lucky to enjoy here at Rethreaded.

The Elemental Jewelry Collection: A Tribute to Ancient Adornments

The Elemental Jewelry collection is inspired by the allure of ancient Greek and Roman imagery. Each piece tells a story of timeless beauty and sophistication.

The pieces are shaped after structures and objects from the ancient world–Greek coins, Roman arches, shields, and meridians. Then each is adorned with sterling silver or gold and debossed with scrolling leaves and flowers to celebrate the closeness to nature with which those ancient civilizations lived.

No two patterns are identical, making each piece a bespoke work of art that speaks to individuality and craftsmanship.

Take A Closer Look

From earrings to bracelets, this collection is sure to have just what you need to create a unique look with a unique story. Check out our Elemental Jewelry Collection Today!

The Elemental Leather Collection: Elegant, Upcycled, Practical

The Elemental Leather Collection is a testament to our commitment to both elegance and sustainability. We’ve updated a few classics and created whole new pieces that really showcase our skill and craftsmanship.

We’ve taken our approach to upcycling leather and married it to a color palette drawn from the natural world–from lightning-charred trees to the truffles of the forest floor. The result is a line of leather products that are sophisticated, stylish, and sustainable.

Take a Closer Look

Our goal was to create a line of leather goods that are as empowering as they are practical. We can’t wait to show you what the Elemental Leather Collection has in store.

Empowering Lives with The Elemental Line

Of course, our mission still lies at the core of the Elemental line. We want to drive powerful positive change with these beautiful products.

Each piece is handcrafted with care and dedication by survivors of human trafficking. Whether it’s a jewelry piece or a leather creation, it carries the essence of resilience and empowerment.

When you shop the Elemental line, or any of the other wonderful offerings here at Rethreaded, you become part of that mission. It’s an extraordinary movement that directly supports survivors and we are thrilled to have you on our side.

So do a little good today. Shop the Elemental line, see what we have in store for you. Whether you shop for yourself or for someone else, you can help us build a better world, one Rethreaded life at a time.

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