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Introducing Rethreaded’s 2023 Holiday Ornament!

by | Nov 29, 2023

We are delighted to reveal our latest limited-edition holiday ornament from the Rethreaded studio. Our team has been hard at work crafting an ornate decoration that captures the spirit and symbolism of the holiday season.

With dozens of individual components, assembling each ornament requires meticulous attention and care. The specific sequence of attaching leaves, berries, banners, and rings allows the branches to take shape in a natural, organic way. No two ornaments are exactly the same, as the handcrafted nature ensures each one is completely unique.

Introducing our 2023 Holiday Ornament!

3 women holding a Rethreaded 2023 holiday ornament.

The Inspiration 

Holly Branches and Inner Strength

This year’s holiday ornament draws inspiration from the enduring symbolism of the holly branch. This ornament celebrates the holly tree as a symbol of strength and hope during winter months.  Wire limbs adorned with hand-cut leather leaves and silk berries bring a pop of color and style to your decorative lineup.

This ornament was inspired by fond childhood memories of the holly bushes at a family home in Pennsylvania. The brilliant red berries and crisp green leaves stood out vividly against the snowy winter landscape.

Honoring this tradition, the ornament aims to capture the spirit of the holly and its symbolic message. With its vibrant colors, it represents spreading holiday cheer and commemorating the enduring warmth of family bonds.

A sketch of the Rethreaded 2023 holiday ornament

The Construction 

Upcycled Leather, Recycled Saris, and Handcrafted Joy 

To recreate the organic movement of holly branches, artisans twist and shape each wire into natural bends and curves. The leaves are cut on a clicker press from two different sizes of sustainably sourced leather. Machine stitching adds definition to every individual leaf.

The berries are made by covering wooden beads in red silk from donated saris. The silk was cut into squares and wrapped by hand over 1,650 beads. Small leather cones are added after wiring the beads for a finishing touch.

Once the components are ready, the berries and leaves are arranged on the wired branches. Strips of leather in earthy browns are then wrapped around each branch, bringing the holly sprigs to life. Banners of the word “Joy” are crafted from foiled leather and adorned with ribbon ends before being fastened to the branches. Finally, the ornament rings are wrapped in leather and sprinkled with glitter for an extra dash of holiday sparkle.

The Symbolism 

Strength, Hope, and Support

As an evergreen that remains vibrant even during winter, holly carries powerful symbolism. The endurance of its vivid berries and leaves represents inner strength and hope during times of adversity.

Gifting holly has traditionally conveyed wishes for good fortune and happiness. To honor this tradition, Rethreaded’s ornament shares holiday messages of joy and cheer while embodying inner strength. 

Rethreaded's 2023 holiday ornament is featured in a holiday gift box.

This holly branch ornament beautifully combines Rethreaded’s commitment to strength and support with the warmth of holiday traditions. Its handcrafted construction shares a story of skill and passion, while honoring the symbolic meaning of holly. With its artistry and positive message, this unique decoration will make a meaningful addition to any holiday celebration.

We hope you enjoy our new ornament as much as we enjoy making it. To get it, or anything else on your holiday wish list, head over to the Rethreaded Shop now!

Thank you for your support and may your holidays be filled with hope and happiness!

Rethreaded's 2023 Holiday Ornament is being hung on a Christmas tree.

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