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Learning About Your “Sphere”

by | Mar 14, 2024

If you watch the video of Episode 4 of our Rethreading Lives podcast, you will see Rethreaded’s Founder and CEO, Kristin Keen, holding up a large toy sphere, which expands and contracts as you push and pull on it. She explains that each of us is like that sphere, expanding and contracting, based on our experiences and responses, in a way that either adds to or takes from our capacity.

The goal of the rethreading process is to expand our overall capacity so we’re better able to hold emotions and experiences other than shame, mistrust, and fear. When those emotions dominate, we have little room to experience positive emotions or to take on difficult tasks, think clearly, or make rational decisions.

The way out of this pattern is to recognize the signs that we’re contracting, take the intentional time (a key part of the rethreading process) to sit with the discomfort and identify why that discomfort exists. Then, we can slowly heal those wounds and create the space to hold both positive and negative emotions. A fully expanded sphere can hold both the memories and realities of pain and the equally true experiences of joy that are waiting for us, as we rethread our stories.

You can watch the full podcast on YouTube.

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