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Life On The Other Side Of Fear

by | May 2, 2024

At some point, you may find yourself stuck in a career or life path that doesn’t align with your true purpose and passions. The temptation is to stay put because it seems safe and secure. However, as Travis Williams, Chief Operating Officer at LiftJax and Rethreaded Board member discovered, taking a leap of faith to follow your calling can unlock a life of greater meaning.

We sat down with Travis on the Rethreading Lives podcast to get his perspectives on money, fulfillment, and taking the road less traveled.

“Money Can Buy You a Bed, But It Cannot Buy You Sleep.”

Travis achieved financial success at a young age, having started his own wealth management company. However, he felt unfulfilled and realized this career path was not where he was meant to be.

As Travis wisely stated, “Money can buy you a bed, but it cannot buy you sleep.” He learned firsthand that financial success does not equate to a satisfying life purpose.

When you are far along on the wrong path, it can be easy to tell it’s time for a change. But are there any early warning signs that can help us make a change sooner rather than later?

For Travis, the answer was paying close attention to what you are actually doing

Doing Stuff but Doing Nothing

Though his financial services career was lucrative, Travis felt stuck. After thinking about his own feelings toward the work he did, he described it as “doing stuff but doing nothing.” He was busy, and he got a lot of stuff done, but it wasn’t the right stuff. It moved the financial needle, but not the needle of the soul.

So, Travis took a leap of faith, selling his company to find work that gave him a sense of fulfillment. He found that fulfillment in working to break generational poverty in Jacksonville through LiftJax.

Fascinating Things Beyond Fear

The transition required courage, as Travis noted: “On the other side of fear there’s some fascinating things” that the safety of surety can’t provide. Once you experience the fulfillment of your calling, you wouldn’t trade it for anything. It was worth every ounce of sacrifice and courage it took to achieve.

Passing the Baton

In making this change, Travis sees his role as “running his leg of the relay race” that prior generations have been running to make the world a better place.

This may well be the hallmark of truly fulfilling work. When you find your purpose, your work connects to something bigger than yourself, something that ties you to your community in a powerful way.

When you see your work as part of a greater process, a link in a great chain, you know that you are building something that will outlive you.

Tuning into Your Calling 


If you feel trapped on the wrong path, Travis’s story offers inspiration to tune into your true calling and take steps toward aligning your life’s work with what matters most. The fulfillment he found in pursuing his purpose, while scary at first, led to a life of deeper meaning focused on uplifting others.

To listen to the full conversation click here.

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