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Pave The

Way Bricks

Pave The Way Bricks

Survivors Face Countless Barriers When Exiting Human Trafficking:

We want you to be a part of bringing this vision to life, paving a path to hope for our survivors. We are committed to paving our Serenity Garden with 500 personalized bricks. Will you be a part of the community of people who help to say, “Welcome Home”?

You Make a Difference

Here are the ways you can design your brick:


  • Sponsor a brick with a message of hope just for our survivors

  • Honor a loved one who has inspired you

  • Let the community know that your company stands with survivors

No matter what your story may be, we have a brick waiting to carry it. When our survivors step over your brick, it will mean the world to them to know that you–and your story–have been a part of their journey home.


“As a business owner, I know the importance of a good return on investment. Not only did buying each member of the team a brick have an impact on them, we also know the double impact it is having for survivors of human trafficking. Every time we visit Rethreaded, we know their names and messages are paving the way for others. That is the kind of investment I want our business to be known for.”

Stephen F. – Kairos Digital

“It was completely unexpected. She kept it a secret for months. There are no words that can describe what I felt when I saw that brick. There was so much joy in my heart! I knew my sister gave me the brick because of her love for me and out of appreciation for Rethreaded. She knows this job has allowed me to grow into the woman I am created to be.”

Shirley T.

“It was important to our family to support Rethreaded’s efforts to secure their forever home, as we value the work they do to fill a void in services offered in our community. Seeing firsthand how Rethreaded’s work changes lives inspired us to invest in expanding their services and thus their impact. It is essential that we support and elevate every member of our community, especially those most at risk and most in need. In an effort to create safe spaces for each and every person in our community, and to help them fulfill their personal goals and aspirations, we are honored to put our name alongside Rethreaded, the work they do, and most importantly, the women they serve.” 

The Wolfburg Family

“Having a brick honoring my daughter Kye’s life in the Rethreaded garden means so much to me and her legacy. It means that while she may not have gotten to write her story physically at Rethreaded, she can still be a part of every woman’s journey that walks through the door.”


Pave The Way:

As we help more survivors in 2023, we invite you to be a part of their journey.

We invite you to purchase a Pave the Way brick. So far just over 300 people have helped to share their stories on our bricks and have given these women the inspiration they need.

Purchase your “Pave The Way Brick” with your name or company’s logo today and create a positive impact for the city of Jacksonville.

Grace Scarf & Threads for Hope

Grace Scarf & Threads for Hope

Before you knew much about Rethreaded, you had probably seen our Grace Scarf around town. It’s our most recognizable item, and we’re so grateful for the many community members who proudly sport one.

Both the Grace Scarf and its newer sister product, the Threads for Hope bracelet, are made from upcycled tee shirts which have been given a new life and purpose. They are, in many ways, a physical representation of the Rethreading Process and how it transforms lives.

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