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Perfectionism Is the Enemy to Healing

by | Nov 16, 2023

Shirley, Concierge and Survivor Advocate at Rethreaded, recently sat down with Kristin and Jason on the Rethreading Lives podcast. When discussing her past battle with addiction, she shared that she “didn’t want to become sober or clean because of a misconception that [she] had to be perfect.”

For ten years of addiction, she was imprisoned by a belief that she had to become someone else before she could be worthy of freedom or change. Every time she made a mistake, or went back on promises she had made to herself or to others, a condemning mindset would be ready to pronounce judgment and repeat the lie that she deserved the life she was living.

It was not until she learned to accept herself, and the reality that she would never be perfect, that she was able to see the possibility of change, realize she could heal, and seek help. Now, Shirley can face herself in the mirror, accept every part of herself, and laugh at her mistakes. Listen to the podcast to hear her story and be inspired to break free from the power of perfectionism in your own life.

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