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Persistently Pursued (Poem from One of our Own)

by | Feb 26, 2019

Persistently Pursued

In the midst of the unknown, my flesh is pricked.
Fear, anxiety is what resonates in my mind.
Overwhelmed, I become sick, then God shows
me that I am the apple of his eye.

His love, so sweet, exquisite, divine.

In the midst of intense moments, He calms me,
reassuring me that the battle is not mine.

Casting all my cares and concerns on my Heavenly
Father, what comes in return,
is a heart filled, my strength
renewed. A path illuminated in the
dark, a purpose to be pursued.

As long as my mind is set on you
I know I am not alone, or unloved;
But I am kept unconditionally,
Forever Yours. I am being

Janine Sanders
Rethreaded Production Associate

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