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The Relationship Between Work and Mental Health

by | Jan 24, 2024

Every employee at Rethreaded contributes in some way to producing, packaging, distributing, or selling our unique items. Many of our jobs are repetitive tasks that do not immediately seem glamorous. This is true of the production floor in our toffee kitchen.  

And yet, as Kitchen Manager Lisa shared in a recent podcast, the repetitive tasks she and the other kitchen staff complete each day are immensely healing. If you can focus on the process of the task and consistently perform the right behaviors, you remove a lot of the unnecessary intensity and pressure you experience when you’re focused exclusively on a result.

Once you lock into a mindset that’s focused on the journey, your mind can become much more free to wander, allowing for meditation or prayer, deep thought, introspection, and even joy. Minutes or hours later, when you look at the work you’ve accomplished, you feel immense fulfillment that each piece of toffee (or whatever you’re creating or doing) contributes to a tray, which contributes to a batch, which makes a day well done.

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