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Join a Team Dedicated to Helping Survivors of Human Trafficking


Looking to Join Rethreaded?

Below are the current job openings we have for motivated, strategic, and creative people who are passionate about our mission for helping survivors of human trafficking.

If you are a survivor of human trafficking looking to join the Rethreaded team, please visit the “Get Help” page for details on how to begin that process. 

**Employment program** 


40 Survivors Hired


60,000 Hours of Work


Women Helped Globally

Current Openings

Every survivor should have the chance to rebuild their lives. That’s why we are on a mission to employ, train, and reignite hope for 500 local survivors of human trafficking by 2031.

Kitchen Manager

Retail & Virtual Sales Manager

Retail Manager

Are You a Survivor of Human Trafficking?

If you are ready to rebuild your life and break past the barrier of employment, we’re here to help. Please reach out to us either through the job application process above or through our “Get Help” page and we will reach out with information on next steps.


We’ve Employed 40 Women Who Are Survivors of Human Trafficking


We’ve Provided Over 60,000 Hours of Work


Of Survivors Who Come to Rethreaded Never Return to Trafficking

You may have notice we have a new website but lets not talk about that now. We want you to focus on our Birthday Party!!