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Rethreaded Items Tailored For Work, the Home Office and Business Professionals

by | Feb 28, 2019

Imagine you’re on the road, between meetings, having to go through your work bag searching for your wallet (which should be in your purse, not your work bag, but you’re too busy to keep track) and your headphones fall out amidst the hectic rummaging. Before you know it, the light turns green and you remember how much you really hate Mondays.

Does this sound a little too much your typical Monday? Your time is valuable and precious. Every day you give 110 percent at work and you deserve to have a little bit less stress in your life. Rethreaded is here for you with four items tailored for the busy business professional.  

The Tirhas Wallet

The Tirhas Wallet is perfect for busy business woman or man. Why? It is compact, yet fits all your essentials. You can transfer it from bag to purse, to backpack and everything will stay safe and secure.

Tirhas Wallet


The Felt and Leather Backpack

This is the backpack that was made for your laptop and every other essential. The sleek and compact fit keeps you looking professional and ready for the office.

Felt and Leather Backpack

The Cord Organizer And Cable Keeper

The Cord Organizer and Cable Keeper is the item everyone needs. We need headphones and chargers to even function these days. You do not have time to deal with tangled cords and knotted wires. We know your time is too valuable for that. Keep everything organized with this essential handcrafted leather good. Since these are so budget friendly, you might as well get a couple!

Cord Organizer and Cable Keeper

Leather Journal

Keep track of all your to-do lists is probably the most stunning notebook you will ever see. Made by one of our Freedom Partners over at Rahab’s Rope, this journal will keep all of your thoughts and doodles safely kept within its handmade leather walls.

Leather Journal

Give yourself a pat on the back! You work hard and deserve to simplify your work supplies and make your Monday’s a little bit easier. You can also feel good about the impact you are having on the local community. What are your go-to items to simplify your work life? Check out our list of summer essentials for the season

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