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Rethreaded marches with 200 in Capitol for Anti-Human Trafficking Advocacy Day
Early on the morning of April 13th, eight of us piled into a BIG transport van for a road trip to Tallahassee for Anti-Human Trafficking Advocacy Day 2017!
We gathered at First Baptist Church of Tallahassee for a prayer breakfast and a survivor leader panel, which included Alyssa Beck, our Business Development Associate!
Survivors led the march through the streets to the capital building!
We listened to survivors and legislators share their passion for anti-human trafficking advocacy.
We met with State Representative David Silvers as we submitted requests to our representatives to support new human trafficking bills. As a result of advocacy, three bills to protect human trafficking victims passed a House committee on that day. Read more about them here.
We are proud at Rethreaded to be the voices for the women still stuck in the cycle and to be working towards ways of making their paths to survivorship easier. Our survivors find healing and hope as they are invited to be a part of the conversation and a part of change.

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