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Rethreaded was featured on, “A Mother Far From Home.”

by | Oct 8, 2014

Rethreaded was featured on mommy blogger, Rachel Norman’s blog, A Mother Far From Home. 

I recently got a ditty bag from their  shop  with some awesome rock crayons. The kids are quickly eroding those and I know I’ll use my red, white and blue striped ditty bag (signature Rachel color and pattern) for a while to come. No matter what your passion is or where your compassion lies, I encourage you to follow it. God gives us certain soft spots – I believe – to guide us to where He’d have us serve. Maybe all you can do is write a check right now. That’s okay. Maybe later you’ll have more time to travel and serve in more physical ways. That is fine. Whatever it is you can do, and whatever it is you can involve your children in, the better. This particular area, human trafficking, is a bit heavy for small children and might scare them if not approached carefully. In fact, my 2 year old obviously couldn’t grasp the concept. But I hope, as they age, to be able to involve them in reaching out to do our part.  (exert from  Rachel’s blog)

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