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Rethreaded Welcomes Our New Hires

by | May 12, 2021

On Wednesday. May 12, we welcomed a new hiring class at Rethreaded! This is always such an incredible time at our organization. Check out what our staff has to say about what new hires mean to them: 

“I am so thankful for the opportunity to meet our amazing new ladies! And I’m even more thankful that I get to be a part of the ‘YES’  that will bring them to the Rethreaded team and family. To the ladies that are staring: we have lit candles for you daily and now you are arriving.  May you feel our joy building into you the confidence that your future is getting brighter by the day. We are eager to watch you into that future.” (Gloria Love, Holistic Services Administrator)

“Every time we hire a new woman who has survived human trafficking it once again fill my heart with purpose and HOPE.  Every woman who walks through our doors has an opportunity to reclaim her life!” (Kristin Keen, Founder, and CEO)


“I remember what it was like being the new one in Rethreaded. I was loved on and reminded every day that I am not alone. There are ladies here that really understand me and are willing to help. The morning devotions help guide me. Remember TOGETHER WE CAN. Welcome to each and every one of you. You are loved. Don’t forget, have fun and grow.” (Shirley Turner, Retail Sales)


“We prayed for you each day to find your way to us! What a blessing to see That you finally made it. Welcome, Home!”  (Nicole Shaw, Internal Sales Coordinator)


“Every day the Rethreaded team puts in the work to secure resources and space for more survivors to rebuild their lives, whether it’s someone in production making another Grace Scarf, someone in sales working at a popup event, or someone in operations putting together an online order for the mail. Seeing a new hiring class begin at Rethreaded brings a sense of fulfillment, knowing that all of those days of hard work mattered. It also means we get to support and encourage five more women to grow and dream bigger than they might have ever imagined.” (Priscilla Jones, Director of Development)


“It’s so amazing to be able to welcome these new ladies into our Rethreaded family! It’s one of the most exciting parts about working at Rethreaded. Every woman who comes here brings something unique to our family and that makes it all the more exciting to work here!” (Alexis Curry, Marketing and Creative Design Assistant)

“Today is a new beginning of your life. Please stay focused, and let God’s work order your footsteps to Rethreaded, a great place to be for a new start!” (Dorothy Woodard, Production Associate)

“When we bring on new survivors I feel inspired When I think about the strength and perseverance it takes to overcome the obstacles these women have to get here I feel inspired to keep pushing forward even when the days are hard.” (Stephanie Patton, Assistant Manager of Business Development). 

“I’m so glad to have you new ladies join the team! I know it’s difficult coming to a new place, but you will do great, you are awesome, and you can do anything you put your mind to!” (Christi Schell, Finance and Administration Assistant)

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