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Rethreaded’s Founder is a “Voice For Hope.”

Rethreaded’s Director, Kristin Keen was a featured blogger for Sari Bari, a freedom company in India that Rethreaded partners with to fight the sex trade!
For the past ten years, I’ve dedicated my life to helping women break free from the sex trade. For five years, I worked with women in Kolkata, India and am now in the United States of America, specifically Jacksonville, Florida. I run an organization called Rethreaded, whose mission is to love those affected by the sex trade through fostering relationships and life giving community At Rethreaded we want to break the cycle of the sex trade by offering viable work to women on a global and local scale. Globally, we have partnered with over eleven companies, including Sari Bari, who offer women freedom through employment. We take our profits from these sales and reinvest them into our local company in Jacksonville. In this arm of Rethreaded, we transform donated T-shirts into new products like scarves and stuffed animals. (excerpt via Saribari.com)

 Check out her full post, Voice For Hope, on the SariBari Blog.

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