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Say Hello to Our 6 New Hires

by | Aug 5, 2022

It’s 8:15 am on Wednesday, August 10th. I will be standing just inside our front doors, looking for a car to roll into the parking lot that I don’t recognize. I cannot lie, these are the moments when my heart is in my throat. I can only imagine what it takes to start fresh after so much pain. She needs to be brave, bold, and hungry for something different to walk through these doors.

It’s New Hire Day at Rethreaded. 

For weeks and months, we plan, make phone calls, hold interviews and listen to the hopes and dreams of our future staff. Today is the day that it becomes a reality. I know they will walk in the door with some nerves, who wouldn’t? The first days are hard. There is also the look of hope and perhaps a little moment of ‘are you all for real?’.

We sit down at our tables, light the candle, breathe and remember those who are still out there. Now begins the real work. New staff meet with Kristin over donuts and coffee and talk about why they want to be here, what are their hopes and dreams, their concerns, and maybe even fears. The day progresses with training sessions and the usual information that has to be given out for any new job. As the entire team meets for lunch, sharing the meal, we start conversations, laugh and begin the process of building the new team. Sometimes there is significant laughter, sometimes it is quiet, and we hold both as an honor to share. We hope to have many lunches like this for the next three or so years.

Through the next few days, our new ladies will hear Jason outline the vision and values we hold dear. The therapeutic team will meet all of the new hires and help them anticipate what to expect from group therapy and counseling. Care Management will run through what it means to set goals, use their voice, ask for help and find their strength in the daunting tasks of rebuilding their lives and perhaps the lives of their children. 

Some of the tasks are ‘ordinary’. They get a lock, a locker, a few company t-shirts, learn to make a dog toy, and where everything is in the building. Sometimes it’s overwhelming, sometimes it’s underwhelming. It is the hard, the good, the ease, and the effort to open up your heart once more.  

I pray we are the difference you need right now dear one. You are seen, you matter and we hope we can be the safe place you are looking for. 

Ways You Can Support Rethreaded

If you’d like to make an immediate impact within our organization, here’s six things you can do today to renew hope, reignite dreams, and release potential for survivors of human trafficking.

1. Make A Purchase: Each purchase from Rethreaded directly impacts the life of a survivor and helps them gain skills, get job training, and goes directly towards their salary. All of our products are hand made by survivors. 

2. Corporate Gifting: Gifts of Hope are perfect gift boxes for clients, customers, employees, speakers, conference gifts, etc. Shop some classic box combinations or create your own! Customize colors, add logos, initials, and a personalized message to your gift. 

3. Donate: All donations go to providing access to counseling, mental health therapies, and wrap around care management services for survivors of human trafficking. No matter what your donation amount, know that you are leveraging your resources to make our community and the world a better and more healing place for survivors. 

4.  Become an Event Sponsor or Host: Many of our connections are made and much of our sales are created through the events we have, externally and internally. Sponsor a Rethreaded event and get marketing recognition and the social ROI for using your business for good; Or, host an event in our warehouse! We also bring pop-up shops and speak live with certain criteria. To become an event sponsor or host, email info@kairosdevt9.sg-host.com.

5. Join A Giving Circle: Our giving circles are volunteer-led groups founded by Rethreaded donors and supporters. We have two volunteer led group, Circle of Sister and Band of Brothers.

6. Volunteer: You can join the mission to help survivors of human trafficking by joining us during one of our work days. While we operate a little differently than most other nonprofits, we do welcome volunteers to join us on our mission. 

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