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Southwest | Rethreaded Partnership

by | Nov 22, 2017

A note from our founder and president Kristin Keen: 

Around here my phone is always buzzing with amazing news! One minute I’m getting a text from one of our ladies,“Good morning boss lady! I just wanted to thank you for helping me make my dreams come true! Rethreaded has reignited my ability to dream!” 

A few weeks later I’m getting a phone call that Southwest Airlines would like us to be a part of an international upcycle initiative featuring Rethreaded x Southwest products our ladies have made out of donated southwest leather seats. “This campaign involves the U.S. launch being held at Rethreaded in November, a two-minute promo video that we would make for you (see below!), and your Rethreaded x Southwest products being sold on our Southwest website. We have sent the word out to the top 100 news outlets in the country. You can expect national coverage. Is this something rethreaded would be interested in?

I pause for a few seconds and then passionately said “Yes!!!” 

The idea for Rethreaded began on a napkin and now here we are six years later having provided over 46,000 hours of work, directly impacting over 2,000 women internationally, employing 15 survivors, and advancing six of those into leadership roles in the company. And now a part of an international Southwest upcycling initiative with our Rethreaded x Southwest product being sold on their website. 

And all this is possible because of YOU! YOU chose to shop here, donate resources, time and talents and invest in our business. YOU chose to surround our entire staff with love. YOU chose to believe that this simple idea could CHANGE LIVES. Thank you, Rethreaded advocates and Southwest Airlines for taking a chance on a company based on HOPE and LOVE. 

-Kristin Keen 


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Below is the official press release from Southwest Airlines featuring details about the materials they are upcycling and the awesome North American organizations they are collaborating with.

(Psst… Rethreaded featured on the top of page 2!) 


A HUGE thank you to Grasshopper Global, co-creators of Southwest Airlines’s Repurpose with Purpose program and our partners for the LUV Seat: Rethreaded product line.

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