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Take the Rethreaded Challenge

by | Nov 16, 2016

What is the Rethreaded Challenge?

The gift-giving season commences! Over the years, imagine how many gifts you have gotten and given. The holidays are a wonderful time to think of others and show your appreciation!  Have you ever considered who makes these gifts and what their working conditions are like? What does your money actually support? At Rethreaded, we highly value safe and dignity-giving work. Shop with us without the giving guilt! Your purchases impact multiple lives and provide women who were affected by the sex trade viable work on both a local and global level! Give consciously and change lives by using the hashtag #rethreadedchallenge!

The Objective:

Purchase 10 survivor-made gifts this year. This includes any products from Rethreaded, online or in-store, or from one of your other favorite freedom brands. To help you along with this noble pursuit , we’ve compiled unique gift guides to help you decide who to buy for the important people in your life.

  1. Hostess & Neighbor Gift Guide
  2. Teacher Gift Guide
  3. Mom & Wife Gift Guide
  4. Daughter Gift Guide
  5. Pet Gift Guide
  6. The Men in Your Life Gift Guide
  7. Coworker Gift Guide
  8. Best Friend & Sister Gift Guide
  9. Grandma Gift Guide
  10. Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide

Challenge your friends on social media!

Share how you’re taking the Rethreaded Challenge with us and encourage your friends to change the way they shop! Let the world know that there is hope! Be sure to tag us and use the hashtag, #rethreadedchallenge.

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