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The Journey to Healing 

by | Dec 25, 2022

A Mosaic Inspired by a Survivor’s Journey 

Healing is a powerful word. It means stepping into a process that will help you become sound or healthy again. The process of healing is not an easy road to take because it means we have to face the difficult things that might have once had control over us. Many of us can relate to this. Whether it’s healing from people who have hurt us or from ourselves, there’s some part of us that has needed to heal. 

Everyone’s journey to healing is different and has its own challenges. But through the healing process, you’ve navigated through the tough times even though you might have felt alone or had moments of doubt where you believed you would never be able to get out, but you pushed through and broke those barriers to begin healing. 

Here at Rethreaded, we do just that. We help women who have experienced human trafficking break through the barriers of their past life so they can start their journey of healing to see the light again. Many people don’t realize that 90% of women who are in that life want to leave, but the problem is that they don’t have access to the resources they need to start a new life. 

They face countless barriers such as finding a stable job, having enough finances to obtain mental health resources, and a lack of community support to help them navigate their new life. We combat that by rallying around these women to bring them a new community that will uplift them and remove those barriers by helping them with career development, counseling, and employment so that they can put the pieces of their lives back together.

Over the past years, Rethreaded has been blessed by the community that supports our mission. One impactful piece we’ve been honored to house is the beautiful mosaic right at our facility, The Delores Barr Weaver Campus of Hope. Through the exploration of creating healing art, Rethreaded survivors participated in an art visioning session guided by mosaic artist Kate Rouh and muralist Nico. They were able to share their stories and create art that represents what their journey to renew hope, reignite dreams, and release potential looked like for them.

We not only encourage you to watch this video but also to come to see this mosaic in person Monday through Friday 9AM-5PM. Our hope is that it will help you on your own journey to healing. 

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Come celebrate Rethreaded's birthday! There will be fun, games, raffles, tasty treats, and much more! We celebrate each year with a fresh theme and plenty of surprises, so be sure to stop in and help us celebrate another incredible year!

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This is a special event meant to engage moms with refreshing activities, specialty treats, and connections with other moms in the area.

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Proceeds from ticket sales provide employment, holistic care, and services for women in Rethreaded’s Survivor Development Program.

Connect with other women at our Women Empowering Women events. You'll have the opportunity to take part in authentic breakout group discussions and network with like-minded women in our community.

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As always, proceeds from this event go directly toward supporting survivors of human trafficking.

Our Mukti Gala is our largest annual fundraiser that helps us provide the resources needed for the survivor's development program. We would love your support at our next Mukti- which means "freedom" in Bengali - and help change lives with us. Plus, if you have the opportunity to join us in the festivities you'll get to enjoy an open bar, seated dinner, silent and live auctions, entertainment, dancing and so much more!

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