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The Meaning Behind An Hour Of Freedom

by | Jul 22, 2020

Here at Rethreaded, we are so grateful to be able to provide our survivor employees with case management, mental health and crisis counseling, and weekly classes and check-ins. However, we can not do this all on our own. In April we created the opportunity to donate an hour of freedom to help a survivor’s transition. 

Our hour of freedom provides a way to directly support survivors. By donating, your investment directly funds an hour of survivor services. Through the donations from Hour of Freedom, we support and empower more women and see greater opportunities open up. This initiative also creates the opportunity of hiring more survivors. 

We launched this initiative in April with a goal of 256 hours, and we have been blown away with how many people who donated! We exceeded our goal by 100+ hours! 

Despite the restrictions due to COVID, we are continuously wowed by the number of people willing to step up and support Rethreaded. Many are using their stimulus checks to donate hours of freedom. Notably, a previous Rethreaded employee was able to donate an hour of freedom. Through this, we saw a great example of a survivor paving the way for the women currently in the program. Through donations, reflective moments like this are possible. 

Donating an hour of freedom is not only a great way to directly support a survivor in their endeavors, but when you donate online you also receive free shipping on your order! To all those who have already donated an hour of freedom, we extend our thanks, and to those who are planning on supporting us and our survivor employees, thank you!

We still need your help! If you would like to donate an hour of freedom to help us through this season, thank you for your support! You can donate here and change lives! 

Written by: Rethreaded Intern, Carson Grimm

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