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The Meaning of Rethreaded

Have you ever wondered where the Rethreaded name came from? Maybe you have wondered about the significance of the name? Rethreaded isn’t just the name of a business, it is a mantra to ingrain into our lives. We can take a look at every area of our life and find ways to Rethread it. Take a look at what Rethreaded means to our organization: 

RE means again, or anew. Threaded is to make (one’s way). 

Being Rethreaded means to make one’s way. This is common to the human spirit; to take the threads of our life, the negative, the difficult, the terrifying, the traumatic, the hidden, and the disappointment. We take the threads of ourselves that we thought should be discarded: our shame and our hurt. Instead, we thread it with the part of ourselves we love like laughter, community, second chances, forgiveness and joy. 

Kristin Keen

Over time, it becomes threaded into something new and different. The painful threads you thought would destroy you now have purpose. These threads have become your power. Your strength. It is all woven together for a different purpose now. What we once wanted to throw away and get rid of are now part of the new fabric of our lives. The pain mixed with love causes healing. This process creates the Rethreading of our lives.

Being Rethreaded means renewing hope, reigniting dreams, and releasing potential.  

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